In Brothers Apart (where all my questions seem to come from), I was wondering how Sam might feel about and react to rain since he hasn’t really been in it since he was cursed?

Lol! He’s probably been in it a few times in Dean’s pocket at the very least, in between cases!

If he’s in a pocket, he’d be very grumpy, because a soggy pocket is a lost more confining and claustrophobic. Dean probably had to get a waterlogged Sam to the car/motel room before it got too bad. Poor kid looks like a drowned rat.

If he’s out in the open, which happens more rarely, he’d be fascinated at the size of the droplets, but definitely prefers watching them from the safety of an overhang, like the place he used to watch the parking lot from at Trails West. He’s seen a few storms from there, but knows to get back in if the wind starts to pick up.

(BA is first and fave!)

I haven’t posted it on DA or the other sites yet, because I’m an airhead and forgot, but there IS a short prompt about the Brothers Together pair and an encounter with rain!

An Afternoon Rainstorm

I’ll post it to the other sites when I have more energy. Why is the energy gone.

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