Will we ever get to see the GHOSTFACERS in the ba universe?! I need to see Jake’s reaction to them cause he’s technically a hunter in training and even he would think of them as amateurs!

Lol! I love these nerds!

There is of course, the commission I did for @creatorofuniverses a while back that has the Ghostfacers meeting Walt Watch, which you can find here. Borrower dad is not amused.

What you might not know is they’re already written into one of the AUs in a future story…

“Harry,” Ed said, keeping one hand pressed over the camera bag. “This is it. This is our ticket to the big times. We are going to seize the moment.”

“ ‘Cause tomorrow we might be dead,” Harry repeated back, his mind finally clinging to their motto, what would Buffy do?

“And this is our moment.” Ed shifted in place, and Harry squirreled his way out from the camera case strap so he didn’t pull the bag up off the tiny people trapped under it.

Harry flattened himself on the ground, the EMF reader long since forgotten by his side. One hand was held at the ready. “Okay, little dudes. We’re not gonna hurtcha, we just want to get you out from under that. So… no biting.”

Ed started to tilt the bag up, just enough for Harry to sweep his hand under it, groping for the tiny people hidden underneath.

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