Do u know any fics were john is shrunk? Like a tiny pocket john? Or just that au in general?



Hey friend, sadly this isn’t really my thing, so I haven’t read any of these, but a search on AO3 yielded some fics, and these looked good from the selection. Hope something here does it for you! 🙂

and Sherlock


Pocket!John: Kidnapped! by RebeccaOTool, 4 k, mature.
Non-con/rape. Pocket!John has been kidnapped by Moriarty. Copious amounts of
porn and a little plot. Based on Arkhamsmaddness’s amazing Pocket!John art
(included in the story, with the author’s consent).

The Pocket Adventures series
RebeccaOTool, 17 k, teen. Pocket John reflects on his
position in life midst Sherlock’s insanity. Not an AU where Pocket!John has
been pocket-sized all his life. Later, Sherlock is shrunk too

The Misadventures of a
Minuscule Blogger.
by Lizzie1498, 3 k, teen. Basically a running story
on Pocket John and his favorite Detective. Warnings for extreme fluff, cuteness
and some angst.

You Naughty Little Thing, You
nakedxtime 900 words, explicit. Something goes awry- doesn’t matter what or
how- but John gets shrunk down to only the size of a cell phone. He has trouble
using his phone and ends up… doing something he shouldn’t have been doing
with a cell phone. Sherlocks increasing worry over the safety of his
blogger-turned-lover just adds to Johns distraction.

Sherlock’s Scarf by orphan_account, 900 words, gen.
Where pocket!John finds hitching a ride on the Sherlockmobile may be a bit
different from what he expected.

A (tiny) Matter Of Science by Jimlockian, 5 k, mature.
Pocket!lock – After Sherlock’s experiment goes horribly right John is left the
size of a doll! What happens after the change is more surprising than John’s
tiny size; Sherlock tries to be a good friend for once, the world is too amazed
to leave him alone, and Jim is rather kind about the whole thing.. John is
still John, but stuck between a pebble and a hard place.

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