October 8th excerpt:

Gently scooping Dean off his shoulder, Stan gave a small smirk and asked, “Where to, Mr. Winchester?” He didn’t want to assume where Dean would prefer to be to start out.

@enby-phoenix replied to your post:

Such a polite bean.

Stan absolutely is! He’s the most polite Brit, and he’ll always offer a cuppa!

But I think this time, calling Dean such a formal name might be somewhat of an inside joke between them, considering how they first met.

Bonus excerpt:

“Mr. Holmes,” the man greeted. Sherlock hummed to himself, noting the distinct lack of an Irish dialect.

The man’s brow shot up when he caught sight of the tiny figure contrasting the deep blue folds of Sherlock’s scarf.

“And… Mr. Winchester?” he guessed at length.

Dean straightened in place, letting the scarf fall down from his shoulders so more of him could be seen. “Mister Winchester is my dad,” he corrected, his voice level and even to avoid betraying any nerves. “You can call me Dean.”

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