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Luminous Arc asked:

Perhaps a bit of a dark question, and I understand if you choose not to answer, but…

Concerning Jacob, if a situation occurred where he inadvertently killed a “borrower”, how would he handle it from an emotional standpoint? How would it impact his relationship with the Winchesters?

Thank you for your time.

Jacob would be a mess of guilt. Even knowing he didn’t directly and purposefully take the action to kill the little person, it would twist him up inside just the same as if he accidentally killed a human. That’s a whole person, and they deserved better from him. Especially considering the little folk don’t usually get a lot of consideration from humans. Their voices are small, but they deserve to be heard.

He’s also not as acclimatized/desensitized to violent deaths in the same way the Winchesters are. Death, as far as it relates to him, is a long and suffering process that hurts everyone involved. In a scenario like this, over so quick and with no real chance to prepare for it, he’d practically freeze up. Then, he’d want to be left alone to deal with it and mentally beat himself up for the mistake. It would be horribly sad to see him that way for anyone that knew him.

The Winchesters would see how regretful he is the moment it happens, and would be more understanding. Death is more prevalent in their lives, both during the curse and before, so though it hurts to see that someone died because of their friend, they do know that there’s only so much that can be done at times. Jacob does his best, but he lives in a different world from them. It’s impossible to be vigilant at every second of the day, and accidents do happen.

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