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Okay, really random question brought on by my own struggles with hearing loss, but what would happen if, in the BA universe, a witch hit Dean with a curse that temporarily caused him to lose either his hearing or his sight? How would the brothers react to that?

This would take some adjusting for sure!

If Dean lost his hearing, he’d need to be far more aware of Sam to begin with, since now his brother can no longer call out for his attention. They’d start out communicating with writing, since Dean has no current experience with ASL. One bonus is that he does, in Brothers Apart, know Morse Code, so he can tap out a message to Sam in an emergency, and interpret what Sam’s trying to tell him on the fly (they use this on a few separate occasions when Sam’s not in sight). 

If Dean lost his sight, he’d have to rely on Sam’s directions for getting around. Unfortunately, this would mean that Dean can no longer drive the Impala, so they’d better hope this is a reversible spell!

I have seen a few of these issues tackled in stories before. 

In the Deanzilla storyline on fanfiction, Sam briefly loses his vision and Dean directs him Ratattouille style! That’s what Sam gets for growing his hair out. Sam also is pretty much a wrecking ball, it’s a good thing Dean’s not on the floor through all this considering he knocks everything over and sets the place on fire. Dean, your directions need work.

You can find this scene here, but I recommend starting with Deanzilla vs Hydros, as Measure of a Man is the sequel to that story and there are heavy spoilers.

Another story to tackle similar but different issues is The Dean Dilemma. Instead of Dean losing his senses, he ends up invisible, and tiny Sam has to deal with a giant older brother he can’t see.

There will also be a story dealing with Dean’s selective mutism as a child when he goes through a trauma, though that story has not posted yet.

If anyone else knows of any supernatural g/t stories that deal with these issues, let us know!

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