A Small Announcement and Updates

For Valentine’s day, we’re going to release a special sneak peek from the future of Brothers Apart! Be sure to stay tuned!

When more entries come in for the 2019 Brothers Apart Contest, I’ll create a post that lists all the entries and where to find them. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone creates! So far we just have one, and that’s from a deviantart creator.

The contest is open until April 10th, and if there are enough entries, more prizes will be added.

As always, if anyone is lucky enough to guess what’s going on in a story, we will give a special sneak peek of that, and if anyone guesses the knack of one of the characters with an unannounced knack, we’ll reveal it! Good luck!

A Burglary at Baker Street will continue posting every Sunday and Wednesday at 9pm est. Be sure to leave us a review if you’re enjoying it!

The wordpress blog and the tumblr site are open to any questions or comments you might have, feel free to submit anonymously!

Thank you all for coming along with us on these stories! You’re what makes writing worth it!

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