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anonymous asked:

“knack” anon again. What about sound mimicry and/or throwing your voice?

Luminous Arc asked:

Is Remote Sound Emission a possible knack given your universe? Like being able to generate a sound at a given nearby location away from yourself, basically an auditory mental projection? 

Both of these abilities are perfectly possible! They would be two separate possible knacks though, one borrower couldn’t have both.

Throwing your voice would be a great ability, especially if it was refined enough to make it sound like you were well away from your current location, or even directly in someone’s ear to make them jump.

Some borrowers, like Dean, can manage this without any specific knack, but as a knack it would certainly be much stronger and more useful. Dean only really uses it to mess with his own tols and startle sprites. For life and death situations, he generally goes with other tricks that are more reliable. 

Sound mimicry is a great ability to have, giving a borrower the ability to ‘borrow’ someone else’s voice. They could use this to call to a human in their mother/father’s voice, getting them out of the kitchen or living room, and possibly saving the borrower from discovery.

These style knacks may appear in the future! We have spitballed ideas like this for guest characters, along with many other possible knacks.

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