Brothers Asunder and the brother that was found and then lost

After having her plans thwarted so often by Dean Winchester, Celeste decides to up the stakes in her newest attempt, this time not even trying to curse the older Winchester. Instead, she removes him from the equation completely and sends Sam far, far away.

Into a forest where a certain familiar village resides, out of sight and out of mind.


Brothers Asunder took Sam out of his usual comfort zone and sent him spiraling into the Wellwood forest, where he encounters Scar, Cerul, Bowman and the rest of the cast of Bowman of Wellwood. It’s also our first glimpse at the fact that Celeste, due to her nature as an archangel, can see past the barriers of time and space to other alternate realities.

This AU manages to keep the Winchesters apart for the first story, but Dean arrives in spectacularly-Dean fashion in the second story. The name convention for each of the stories mirrors the names that neon originally conceived for her original storyline. Sam of Wellwood parallels Bowman of Wellwood, and Dean of Nowhere parallels Tevan of Nowhere (the sequel to Bowman of Wellwood that’s in development!).

The first arc of Brothers Asunder will wrap up after the next two stories, Bobby of Far Away and Dean of Wellwood, and the second season will likely bring a large change to the AU!

Artwork by @jennilah

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