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#dow is Dean of Wellwood, and now all we’ve got is #don and #bofa before all (current) stories for that particular AU have names!

I’ll add it to the FAQ in a bit. For now, you’ve earned a sneak peek!

As though a sudden breeze picked up, the knights took to the air in a flurry of leafy wings. They were flashes of leafy green that fell into formation with Scar at their head, leading a spiral of knights upwards.

Mere seconds later, the spiral broke apart. What looked like a loss of formation quickly shifted into knights scattering into groups of four or five and darting up towards different trees surrounding the village. Some were lost among the leaves and still others were easily marked circling around with their eyes focused on their adversary: 


The first knight darted towards Dean from the side, and soon after another from a different group swept into the village. Like the ticking of a clock, knights dashed into closer quarters with the human, following the tactics Scar had signaled to them. Determination filled every one of them as they closed in to swarm around the giant.

Dean brought his arms close to guard against any attacks. The sprites moved different from any opponent he’d ever faced, so before lashing out with his own strike, Dean’s intent green eyes watched how they flowed through the air. The rest of the surroundings dropped away from the fighters and ceased to exist.

After Dean had marked the position of the different groups in his mind to keep track during the flurry, he focused on one that was closer to his right side. The second they were within reach, his arm swept forward with the intent to snatch them out of the air.

The knight, one of the younger members, let out a quiet noise of alarm. He attempted to veer off course, but the adrenaline in his body and the sudden jelly-like feeling in his wings prevented him. His sword dropped to the ground below as fingers the size of his body coiled around and trapped him in a fist. His wings were engulfed along with him, and just like that his fight was over; there was no escape from Dean’s grasp.

“Do not falter,” Scar barked in warning as the other knights watched one of their number disappear into one of Dean’s pockets. If their hearts hadn’t already been pounding, they would have begun.

Dean wasn’t only big. He was fast.

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