October 12th excerpt:

In the jar, Logan was behind on working out what was going on. His restless sleep had ended to the loud rumble of the drawer on its track, followed by nauseating motion. It was all he could do to curl up and cover his neck with startled hands as the hard walls of his prison moved about.

July 27th excerpt:

“Is that so?” Dean didn’t even have to think as he lifted his hand with Logan inside, dropping the hunter in his chest pocket and buttoning it up. “I can’t say no to that.”

Logan landed in a heap at the bottom of the pocket. At first, he had no idea where he’d landed. Everything around him was thick cloth and dim lighting, and he struggled to right himself. There was no surface below for leverage, and when he braced a hand on one side, he flinched back.

A heartbeat thudded away practically right next to him, and Logan understood where he was. 

May 30th excerpt:

Dean’s grip tightened on the cardboard, and he rested his head against the wall of the box. The car had rolled to a stop, and above him Stan moved, the shadows outside the slim window shifting around. Dean couldn’t see anything of the guy out his window.

The window to the side showed some of Stan’s designer clothing, the front was only the footwell of the car, and in the back all Dean could make out was the fabric the box was leaning against. He couldn’t even be 100% certain of the box’s position from what little he could make out.

May 26th excerpt:

Jacob was like a firefly caught by a kid. Except this guy was not a kid, and was dangerous in all his own ways. Jacob wasn’t even sure how high off the ground he was by now, but judging by how tall the guy was, it could be several stories up.

May 17th excerpt:

From within, he could just make out the scene as the box was handed over to the man who had bought his fate on a whim, and he grimaced through the jolt while a new grip settled around his container. Hands much larger and stronger than the girl’s– not that hers weren’t strong enough where it counted, as he knew all-too-well– closed around the box and pulled him closer to the man’s chest, blocking out the light on one side.

Stan’s voice boomed out from above, and Dean’s eyes were wide as he stared up where the human was.

What have I gotten into?


A Commission for Nightmares06 for an upcoming Brothers Apart AU

second Picture for “A Friend In Need”.  Poor Dean doesn’t have much room inside
a small cardboard box that is meant to transport small pets around.
It’s a bumpy ride that’s for sure! Especially when his new owners
fingers are seen pressing in on the box from above while he’s carted
around, not knowing where he’s headed.

May 3rd excerpt:

Jacob struggled then, while they turned away from his home. He couldn’t even see it, with the way his captor held him so close to his chest. Jacob breathed quickly and shoved at the index finger nearest him to no effect. “S-somebody help me! ” he cried out, even knowing his voice was much too quiet for someone to hear. He was the easiest kidnapping victim anyone could have found.

A glance downward showed just how quickly he was being whisked away. He looked straight up, and got a view of the underside of the man’s jaw. “Take me back, man, please! W-we can work something out, just don’t do this.”

It’s time for the sneak peek earned earlier last week for our upcoming debut of Brothers Kept! Starring Stan and his new borrower, A Friend in Need is coming soon!


Under the watchful eye of Dean’s new owner, Dean tried to dodge the girl’s grab out of instinct. The sight of those hands descending sent his pulse skyrocketing. 

There was no use in dodging. He stood a very slight 3.82 inches tall, as his records listed, and under 14 ounces. There was no way for him to fight back against even a single wisp of a girl.

The fingers closed in, expertly pinching around his chest to prevent him from running off. The ring finger and pinky curled around his stomach and waist, and he was left with only his legs dangling free, both arms sealed to his sides.

Dean struggled, his face going white as she plucked him up out of the cage and he saw the yawning abyss stretching out under his feet. Probably no more than two feet up in the air, low enough down to have to look up at everyone, but more than ample a height for Dean to be severely injured if her grip slackened. She could even claim it was an accident if she hated him enough.

The box appeared underneath, and those thoughts vanished as Dean was dropped inside, hitting the ground with a small cry of pain he tried to stifle. He leapt to his feet but was too late to try and get out as the darkness over his head sealed him in, blocking out all light except the four slim slits cut into the box for air, one on each side.

Stan somehow managed to turn his grimace into a friendly smile when the attendant stood and handed him the tiny box. He had to remind his stiff arm to relax enough to take it from her.

“If you’ll be needing supplies, you’ll find we have a wide selection of just about everything to take care of the little things. Plenty of nutrients in the food brands we carry, and state-of-the-art–,”

“Actually,” Stan interrupted her again, hoping he looked less green than he felt, “I just remembered, I’ve got frozen goods in the boot, I really should hurry home. But I’ll take care of it soon!" 

Flashing her a grin, Stan tucked the box against his middle and headed out of the store before he could be physically ill. He paid no heed to her startled "Take care!” after him.

Artwork and inspiration for the story all from @wolfie180g!

April 29th excerpt:

When light flooded into the small space again, Oscar squeaked in alarm and tried to push himself back without keeping his balance. He flopped backwards before righting himself and scooting away, one hand up to guard against the light.

He bumped into the other side of his erstwhile prison and flinched away from the fingers. A cry rose in his throat and he looked back and forth for some other way out of this mess.

He found none, and finally covered his face with his hands. The tears came in a tide along with a choked wail of fear.

“Oh no!”