Moira Wainscot, mysterious little sister


Just as Walt and Mallory became Sam and Dean’s adopted borrower family in the US, Moira Wainscot and her parents became their adopted borrower family in the UK. 

Moira’s original design was based on a “Bright and energetic version of Wednesday Addams,” giving her the pale complexion and dark hair that character is famous for, but the opposite personality. She puts her dark hair to good use, blending into the shadows even with that pale skin of hers. 
Moira is also one of the characters to receive a last name with the help of the Brothers Apart fans, along with Kara, Christian and Mikael. 

Idolizing the Winchesters, Moira is the youngest child in the family. She grew up following Sam and Dean everywhere, and was quite hurt when they decided to move so far away down the row of houses. Dean promised they’d visit!

Deciding to take things into her own hands, Moira now ventures to visit the Winchesters on her own, keeping her trusty pin by her side for protection.
She has also befriended one of the local cats when it was a kitten, and occasionally goes exploring with it. She has to be careful to not come near Dean afterwards, as he has an allergy to all cats and can’t control the sneezing if he gets too close. 

The scene at the end of A Burglary at Baker Street is far from the last time we’ll see this younger sister of the Winchesters, as she has an important part to play in the developing stories of Brothers Consulted!


Artwork by @ghostquack​ (upper) and @mogadeer​ (lower)

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