The way that seasons are set up

In the Brothers Apart multiverse, a season tends to be a specific story arc. This can end on a cliffhanger or it can end on a resolution, depending on the development of the story up until that part.

Season One in Brothers Apart can be known as the “Getting to know you” season. Sam and Dean have just reunited, and they need to familiarize themselves with each other now that they’ve become so different compared to when they were children.

Season Two in Brothers Apart has the brothers finally on the same page, working as a team, and now an outside threat has begun to move against them. This is the “Teamwork” season.

Season Three, which will be the final season of Brothers Apart before the original story wraps up, is going to be the season that focuses on the antagonist, Celeste, and her connection to Castiel and the angels. This is the “Resolution” season. 

Brothers Consulted will be a slightly different setup. Much like the TV series Sherlock, this storyline will have shorter seasons, from as few as three stories in a season. Season One will still be the “Getting to know you” season for the flatmates, and Season Two will be the “Teamwork” season, but after that it’s going to diverge greatly from how Brothers Apart flows, starting with the “Understanding” season! Prepare for a rocky ride with this one!

Brothers Lost will be approaching its first season ending. It’s a Tall World After All includes a surprise in the story that no one will see coming, along with a brand new antagonist. 


Artwork by @ghostquack

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