Though @nightmares06​ has chosen to keep Sam and Dean as straight characters in her stories, as she has never been a shipper, there is LGBT+ representation to be found elsewhere. So though there will be no destiel, sastiel or sabriel, we will have other characters and other relationships to be seen!

Stan Baker is engaged to his fiance, Nate Sullivan. Though his role in Brothers Consulted thus far has been small, Stan will be appearing more and more often until he officially becomes a main character of the story. Nate will also show up in the future one day, but for now he remains the secret fiance that Stan has kept hidden from the others.


Much like the authors who write the Brothers Apart stories, Jacob is ace and uninterested in relationships, while his best friend, Chase Lisong, is bi and willing to try.


The sprites of Aeternum live in a world without men of their own species, so they tend towards relationships of the same sex. The water sprites are more likely to be ace, but fire sprites live for passion, and their relationships will burn as bright as their fires. 

Artwork by @lotminx​ (upper) and @thebrigeedadraws​ (lower)

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