The creation of Brothers Found (and a multiverse)

Sam Winchester has lived at only four inches tall since a curse struck him when he was just a kid. Now, years later, he’s learned to adapt and survive. Out in the rooms to grab food for his adopted family to eat, he slips up, and gets caught.

And it’s not Dean.


In the beginning, Brothers Apart was a standalone story. Though it had branched far beyond its original one-story arc, it remained one of a kind.

What changed that was when @neonthewrite​ came along. 

Her story, Pizza and Hexbags, was the winner of the first contest back in 2015. From there, neon and nightmares started to swap story ideas and A Lich of Sense grew out of these ideas.

A Lich of Sense remained in the Brothers Apart universe, but it also gave birth to something more. Now, with every story that the two writers had, they also asked the question “But what if this…

This is what lead them to throw Jacob into the mix with Sam in the beginning of Brothers Found. That AU began very similar to Brothers Apart, even to the point where the characters relived the events of A Lich of Sense, but then it all changed. The horror story rose from it and gained a life of its own, the longest story the writers had ever written. All 74 chapters, 220,000 words, were created in just over a month’s time, and from there the cowriters didn’t stop, creating more AUs and more ideas for each. 

Soon the fallout from the horror story will be seen, as Clash of the Hunters is posting next!

Artwork by @mogadeer

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