Kara Bolt, unexpected sweetheart


Kara first came into the stories while on her own, just a bitty child who had lost her father. Dean, a natural with children on his own scale, fell right into the protective big brother role when he found the wee little girl hiding in his room. 

All good, right?

Actually, I didn’t expect that Kara would find such interest in the readers of Brothers Apart! When Taken was first beta’d, the beta reader gave her a very lukewarm review, and a response of “There’s not enough Sam and Dean here.” Therefore, when she drops out of the story for several chapters on a cliffhanger, I wasn’t expecting there to be a large amount of outrage in the reviews.

But there was! She became one of the most loved characters in the stories, and now gets to appear in multiple AUs. She wouldn’t have developed without such support from the readers, so we have you all to thank!

Artwork by Heartstores

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