The original Wellwood pair


Bowman and Jacob have come a long way, and I certainly never could have imagined they’d end up in something as prolific and fun as the Brothers Apart Multiverse! After Bowman fluttered his way into a case in A Lich of Sense, more ideas came. It didn’t take @neonthewrite​ and @nightmares06​ long to imagine more stories with the plucky sprite and the Winchesters.

Of course, when Bowman’s involved, Jacob isn’t far away. He’s one of the biggest humans, and also one of the chillest, and sometimes he’s the only thing tempering Bowman’s wild nature. Once Bowman flitted into the multiverse, Jacob walked in casually behind him.

Where Bowman and Dean circle each other in endless snark, Jacob and Sam try to keep the peace. It doesn’t always work out so well for Jacob … he and Dean rarely hit it off right away. Persistence with his own snarkmaster has helped Jacob figure out the ornery elder Winchester in a few AUs.

You can find the story from which Bowman and Jacob originate on Amazon or Lulu (or other online bookstores, if you’re feeling adventurous).

Artwork by @lotminx

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