Adventures at Bobby’s

(Story 9 of the Brothers Apart series)

Sam is healed and the sprites are stopped. But not everything is back to normal in the life of the Winchesters. They have things to figure out and an Impala to fix before they can get back to hunting.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Rumsfeld, Arthur Harbor, Alyssa Harbor

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Artwork by @homeiswheretheheartsare!

Can we have more Bobby and his ‘neighbors’? Like him getting seeds that they take care of, its not helping if he just gives them the resources for their own food…


He certainly does his best to not interfere with their lives out in the field (and now in his house, at least in Brothers Apart). Part of that is he’s more lax about locking up possibly useful supplies or clearing all the food. Rumsfeld always keeps a sharp lookout for any actual threats, human or animal. All they really need to worry about is other hunters that work with Bobby prowling around when he’s not looking.

A Minty Haven


AU: Brothers Apart

Timeline: Three years before Dean discovers Sam at Trails West

Lost, alone. A crack running up one side like a crevice in the earth’s crust, slowly crumpling to dust as the roots within wormed their way through, pushing aside the clay in search of fertile ground.

Alyssa didn’t know when the flowerpots had come to be, and had no way of knowing that years back, Bobby Singer’s wife had planted seedlings in them in the hopes of cultivating her own future garden. What she know was that the shade offered by the leafy fronds of the plant that was all-but-busting out of the earthen clay pot was cool, and it was far from the bustle to be found within the burrow.

More and more these days, she found herself wishing for her own space. The tunnels were dark and peaceful, but the children could always find her, her father always had more chores for her, and the others would wait for her to join in the weaving.

Breathing deeply, she leaned against the stalk of the mint plant. One woman’s dreams of raising her own herb garden had become Alyssa’s refuge. Before returning home, she would pack her small sling bag full of the aromatic leaves, and they would wrap minnow in them as they cooked, imbuing the flavor into the meat. It was a favorite of Alyssa’s, and she reached a hand up to stroke a fuzzy leaf that dangled over her head. So much that could be done with one little plant.

A shadow fell over her hiding place, and Alyssa grinned. She pushed a leaf out of her way, peering up to see a familiar face looking down at her plant.

The large dog that had adopted her home and family as his family, known as Rumsfeld to Bobby but only as ‘the dog’ to Alyssa’s people, not only knew about her hiding place in the crumpling flower pot tucked in a back corner of the junkyard, but also would lay out there with her, watching the grass wave in the breeze. He grumbled and settled down with a whuff, resting his head on his paws.

She had no idea how much time passed like that between them, but was startled out of her calm daydreams by a loud, harsh voice.


Alyssa stumbled to her feet as Rumsfeld glanced over his shoulder. He yowled, the whine dying off his his throat as he looked back down at her. His large, wet nose pushed at her shoulder but she needed no further urging. She tore off a few leaves, and then grabbed the roots crawling out of the crack of the clay pot to scramble down.


The voice was growing louder. Alyssa whimpered and her face went pale, her small legs dashing as fast as she could muster towards the safety of the field. Human. Big, huge, stomping. So much more dangerous than the animals that made the field their home along with the small community of littles.

At least against animals they could defend themselves.

A low growl came from behind her, cutting off the human’s exclamation.

“What’re you doin’ out here, boy–”

The dog barked angrily, and Alyssa heard the scratch of his nails against the blacktop. The human shouted in surprise, and she couldn’t see what happened, but it sounded like the dog was chasing him off.

Reaching the grass at last, Alyssa disappeared into the field.

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Jacob + Burrow Littles = Disaster

Separating to explore Bobby’s junkyard while Dean was doing maintenance on the Impala was a mistake Sam didn’t realize he had made.

Especially with a literal giant trailing after him like a lost puppy.

“Dude, you don’t have to follow me, okay?” Sam addressed Jacob’s looming figure, suppressing a twitch at the sheer size of the kid. “Seriously you can go do your own thing, it’s pretty safe around here.”

“The hunter-”

“Bobby.” Sam stressed.

“Er, Bobby… he said I had to be near you or Dean at all times.” Jacob smiled sheepishly. “Said he didn’t need me stomping around and accidentally step on something important.”

“Riiiight.” Sam sighed, shaking his head. “You’re fine then, I guess.”

Jacob merely nodded.

Sam attempted to ignore Jacob to the best of his ability, but his senses were running rampant with the feeling of being watched by something large and dangerous. As he wandered through the junkyard, Sam would sneak glances at Jacob to reassure himself of…something.

A low growl pulled Sam into alertness, as he realized he had entered a grassy field with trees beyond the expanse. A faint memory played in his mind of himself and Dean playing in this field and climbing the trees when they were kids.

He glanced around briefly, locating the source of the growl when it sounded again. Rumsfield was standing defensively a few yards away, his teeth bared in a snarl. Sam noted the aggression and began to back away, shocked when Rumsfield advanced at the same time.

Suddenly Rumsfield was hidden between two hands the size of King-sized beds, Sam jumping at the ridiculously quick movement.

He watched in dumbstruck fear and shock as the hands slid across the ground, corralling Rumsfield away from Sam. The soil and grasses were easily displaced by the movement, which made a small section of the ground collapse.

Ice flooded Sam’s veins as he watched tiny things begin crawling out of the collapsed dirt. At first glance they looked like small rodents, then Sam noticed they were standing…on two feet.

Tiny people.

He held up a hand to Jacob, a warning for the kid to keep still, while Sam advanced slowly towards the hill, his mind alight with both concern and curiosity. Careful of his steps Sam bent down, hit body folding down slowly to not startle the tiny beings.

Sam couldn’t help feeling horrible when the small people began running away from him. They think I was the one to destroy their home, he realized.

Jacob was frozen, taking Sam’s command to heart. Rumsfield struggled lightly between his hands but otherwise didn’t make trouble. He was terrified the area of the small collapse of dirt had meant something special to Sam. As he waited in tense silence, he watched Sam slowly approach the area and crouch down.

Something about the whole thing made Jacob’s chest constrict as he stared down at a man that would normally tower a few inches over him. Not to mention the angle and the way the hunter was crouched made him seem even smaller to Jacob.

Sam watched quietly as two bright red-heads separated from the rest of the smaller people, staring up at Sam directly.

“You destroyed our home. Why?” Sam was taken aback by the sheer authority in the quiet, fearful voice of the male of the pair. “Answer me boy.”

Sam blinked a few times before finding his voice. “We didn’t mean too, my friend accidentally shifted a bunch of dirt around which caused the cave-in… is everyone accounted for? I can help clear out your home as an apology…”

“Everyone is accounted for, we don’t need a human’s help.” The red-head girl glared at Sam, with a confidence that shocked him to the core. “Where is your friend? Tell him to leave this area alone, we will have to leave now that our home is destroyed and we don’t need any humans making it difficult.”

Sam nodded mutely, guilt heavy in his stomach as he realized the damage accidentally wrought. He stood up slowly before turning to look up at Jacob.

An odd feeling washed over the hunter as he realized he was playing middle man between a giant and people barely 2 to 3 inches tall.

“Jacob.” Sam waved to catch the kid’s attention. He twitched at Jacob crouched down onto his elbows and knees.

“What’s going on? I-I didn’t break something important did I?” Jacob’s voice was a low whisper, but the words were heavy with guilt.

“There were people living in that hole Jacob, like people the size of me to you, to me! Inches tall, and we accidentally destroyed their home.” Sam sighed. “We need to go back and tell Bobby and Dead to stay clear of here for a while.”

Jacob nodded slowly before the shock rolled in. “Wait tiny people?”

Sam nodded. “Yeah, here.” He lifted his hand in front of Jacob’s face. “See my fingers? That’s about how tall they are.”

Jacob stared at the small digits in fear. They were already smaller than a grain of rice in comparison to him, he couldn’t wrap his mind around an entire person being that small.

And he’d just destroyed their home without even knowing it.

Guilt hit him like a truck as he realized the consequences for his seemingly harmless action. He was just trying to keep Rumsfield from attacking Sam, but now as he let the dog go, he realized Rumsfield was trying to protect the tiny community.

Jacob had never felt more like a monster.


58. Awaken

This became an interesting exercise and a moment I’ve thought about many times.

The burrow was dark, calm.

In the largest room, the two sentries kept watch. One would occasionally add to the pit of coals, stirring it around with a large stick to keep them from going out. The other paced from the front entrance, which looked out on the field they lived in, all the way to the back entrance, where the creek trickled peacefully by.

Nets, woven by the women, were left in the water. They would be checked first thing in the morning for any minnows that might have found their way into their clutches. The fish would be descaled and would become their meal for the next day. If they caught enough, they might even be able to make fish stew, a staple down in the burrow.

Arthur, the erstwhile leader of the tiny community that lived under the ground in the warrens and tunnels they’d both found and built themselves, slept peacefully through the night.

His young daughter, Alyssa, slept in one of the nearby rooms that branched off of his. She was almost thirteen now, and itched to live in a place of her own like the others. His rule was she had to wait until she was at least fourteen. He didn’t want his only living relation to be too far from him, even in their safe world.

So late that night it was almost morning, there was a rumble overhead. Arthur sat bolt upright, his eyes going straight to the ceiling as dirt and debris rained down on him.

Something was happening.

As he tore out of his home, he shouted to Alyssa, “Stay down here! Don’t come up until we send the signal everything is safe!” She covered her mouth, her green eyes watery from the combination of sleep and fear that hit her.

He reached the top, and one of the wooden spears they sharpened up for protection was thrown to him. Arthur was as prepared as anyone to protect their home, and he caught it with the ease of long years, following the others to the main entrance.

Loud barks drowned out the rumbles, and Arthur and the others skid to a halt at the sight before their eyes.

The new dog that lived up at the House they’d come from was there, but he wasn’t the source of the angry snarls and scratch marks that marred the entrance. The massive black Rottweiler was holding another animal pinned to the ground, a raccoon whose dexterous claws could reach into the burrow and pull people out to snack on if they happened too close to an entrance while it was around.

With a resounding growl, the dog bared its teeth. They sealed around the raccoon’s throat, and ended the threat.

Even Arthur, with long years and harsh days behind him already, had to look away. The dog didn’t leave the corpse there, sitting on their front doorstep. It pulled the raccoon away, and vanished into the stalks of grass.

Long moments passed, and Arthur waited with the sentries and defenders. His arms shook, knowing they were helpless if the dog came back and wanted to dig up their home.

Ten long, arduous minutes passed before they heard anything else. Panting, the dog trotted up out of the grass. Arthur snapped his spear up, holding it defensively in front of him. The others followed suit.

Instead of an attack, the dog sniffed towards the entrance and let out a long, whining growl. It stretched out on its belly, expressive brown eyes blinking at the people guarding their home.

“I don’t believe it,” Arthur heard a voice say, and was shocked to find it was his own.

His spear dropping to the ground, he found himself taking a step forward.

“Arthur, get back here!” one of the others snapped, and he recognized Neera’s voice.

He waved her off.

The dog simply watched his approach, nose twitching as he came in range. He held up his hands. “Thank you for saving us,” Arthur enunciated carefully, laying a hand on the dog’s snout.

The chocolate brown eyes closed, and to his surprise, the dog let out a moan of contentment. Arthur’s face split into a grin, and he rubbed the fur with greater abandon, thanking their protector.

And so Arthur and his people adopted Rumsfeld much the same way as Rumsfeld adopted them.


55. Rainbow

“Da! Da!”

The bright and cheery seven year old girl ran down the well-worn path of the burrow, and Arthur found himself catching her in his arms as she leapt the last few inches in her excitement. Her bright red curls bounced as she landed, giggling the whole way.

Arthur couldn’t hold in a smile at her exuberance. Moments like this reminded him why they’d moved out of the massive house. There was a false safety indoors, one that he’d seen through the moment he realized that a hunter lived there. Here, in this burrow, his family could be safe, with food they caught and grew themselves. Alyssa could thrive.

“What is it, kiddo?” he asked as he bounced her once in the air and let her drop to the ground. The little girl clasped his hand between hers, and dragged him towards the entrance.

“You gotta see!” she declared, almost digging her heels into the softened dirt under their feet. The last few days of rain had left everything moist. Damp walls, damp hair, damp clothes. The pit of coals burned bright, though, and there was enough heat in that room to keep the elderly warm.

The light increased ahead, and Arthur picked up his little girl to give her a piggyback ride through the last of the mud. Carefully dug canals throughout the burrow served to direct the water into the creek behind their home, but it never got rid of all the water. If the burrow ever flooded, Arthur knew they’d have to find a new home, but so far it had served them well.

“Look!” Alyssa giggled, kicking her muddied feet in excitement. Arthur had to put a hand on her legs to calm them, and he squinted.

Above the tall stalks of grass that grew in the field, blue skies shone. Dark clouds were hovering around the edges, threatening the sanctity of their home, but a rainbow stretched from one end of the world to the other. Arthur caught his breath at the sight, astounded.

Those years they lived in the walls, they’d never had the opportunity to come out of hiding and see something to precious. But now, it was theirs for the taking.

“Thanks kiddo,” Arthur breathed.

Alyssa giggled, and propped her arms on his head. This rainbow was her best find yet.

They will find the burrow, just like in BA, they just haven’t found it yet. Back in 1993, it was before Rumsfeld was around, so there’s no one to show Sam the way to the home of the littles near Bobby.

I’m sure Arthur and the others would love to welcome in a wee Sam, but I don’t think Dean would like his wee little bro vanishing! *Panics*