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In Brothers Chosen, how would other borrowers react to the trio? Oz? Jake? Imagine Sam and Dean trying to calm down one after catching them, trying to convince them they’re not going to hurt them or keep them as pets… Stan make it a little harder though. P.S. I noticed that Stan and Arthur look really similar- fire red hair, really pale, green eyes. But that’s just a coincidence, right…?


xD This is actually the second time one of my character designs has been compared to one of @nightmares06‘s characters, and I swear it’s not a conscious thing. Stan Baker’s character was designed somewhat on a whim since he was never meant to be fully developed at first. Any resemblance between Stan and Arthur is purely coincidence!


Stan would actually also fit into the 1997 The Borrowers movie with that bright red hair and freckles!


Oscar would be nervous about the three of them right off the bat, but that isn’t very different from how he usually is around new people. He’d be trying to run away from Sam and Dean the best he could, and then he would be very very confused about Stan. Then, once the confusion wore off a little, he would practically cling to the other smol for some comfort in the face of that Winchester Intensity. They loom without trying.

Jacob would be weirded out by Stan, but it would also make him pause enough to listen. So long as he doesn’t manage a good jab with his iron nail, I think it’d be easy to smooth over any misunderstandings (which is kinda rare when Dean and Jacob are up against each other, tbh).

Adventures at Bobby’s

(Story 9 of the Brothers Apart series)

Sam is healed and the sprites are stopped. But not everything is back to normal in the life of the Winchesters. They have things to figure out and an Impala to fix before they can get back to hunting.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Rumsfeld, Arthur Harbor, Alyssa Harbor

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Artwork by @homeiswheretheheartsare!

Can we have more Bobby and his ‘neighbors’? Like him getting seeds that they take care of, its not helping if he just gives them the resources for their own food…


He certainly does his best to not interfere with their lives out in the field (and now in his house, at least in Brothers Apart). Part of that is he’s more lax about locking up possibly useful supplies or clearing all the food. Rumsfeld always keeps a sharp lookout for any actual threats, human or animal. All they really need to worry about is other hunters that work with Bobby prowling around when he’s not looking.

It really depends on the littles in question! There’s no “they like it” or “they hate it” here.

Someone like Walt or Arthur would see it as unnecessary, a frivolous pursuit for humans who don’t have to spend their days trying to survive. On the flipside, Mallory would love to discover embroidery, and how to do it for herself. She could spruce up their home, add some more splashes of color to brighten the place up.

In Britain, with the closer knit society, they don’t need to focus solely on survival. Some of the borrowers over there spend most of their lives sewing, and if they want to add some flourish to the fabric, they can do so. They trade for what they need, resulting in more specialized skillsets over the pond.

Aww. Poor Arthur.

I’m sure in Brothers Together, Dean and Arthur won’t hit it off right away. If Dean gets properly scolded, he’ll refrain from grabbing any of the smaller people around. Sam can’t lose his chance at getting to know any people his size!

Rumsfeld is such a troublemaker. Always giving Dean a heart attack.

Most likely! Sam and Dean spend a lot of time around Bobby’s. Though it’ll be a few years before Rumsfeld is around, eventually the pup will discover the hidden burrow out in the field and chances are he’s going to want to introduce wee Sammy to his friends. Keeping Dean out of the way will be the hard part.

Arthur will not like this at all, especially since it usually ends with Dean tracking down his baby brother (Rumsfeld, you really gotta warn Dean about these things before just darting off with Sam).

Jacob + Burrow Littles = Disaster

Separating to explore Bobby’s junkyard while Dean was doing maintenance on the Impala was a mistake Sam didn’t realize he had made.

Especially with a literal giant trailing after him like a lost puppy.

“Dude, you don’t have to follow me, okay?” Sam addressed Jacob’s looming figure, suppressing a twitch at the sheer size of the kid. “Seriously you can go do your own thing, it’s pretty safe around here.”

“The hunter-”

“Bobby.” Sam stressed.

“Er, Bobby… he said I had to be near you or Dean at all times.” Jacob smiled sheepishly. “Said he didn’t need me stomping around and accidentally step on something important.”

“Riiiight.” Sam sighed, shaking his head. “You’re fine then, I guess.”

Jacob merely nodded.

Sam attempted to ignore Jacob to the best of his ability, but his senses were running rampant with the feeling of being watched by something large and dangerous. As he wandered through the junkyard, Sam would sneak glances at Jacob to reassure himself of…something.

A low growl pulled Sam into alertness, as he realized he had entered a grassy field with trees beyond the expanse. A faint memory played in his mind of himself and Dean playing in this field and climbing the trees when they were kids.

He glanced around briefly, locating the source of the growl when it sounded again. Rumsfield was standing defensively a few yards away, his teeth bared in a snarl. Sam noted the aggression and began to back away, shocked when Rumsfield advanced at the same time.

Suddenly Rumsfield was hidden between two hands the size of King-sized beds, Sam jumping at the ridiculously quick movement.

He watched in dumbstruck fear and shock as the hands slid across the ground, corralling Rumsfield away from Sam. The soil and grasses were easily displaced by the movement, which made a small section of the ground collapse.

Ice flooded Sam’s veins as he watched tiny things begin crawling out of the collapsed dirt. At first glance they looked like small rodents, then Sam noticed they were standing…on two feet.

Tiny people.

He held up a hand to Jacob, a warning for the kid to keep still, while Sam advanced slowly towards the hill, his mind alight with both concern and curiosity. Careful of his steps Sam bent down, hit body folding down slowly to not startle the tiny beings.

Sam couldn’t help feeling horrible when the small people began running away from him. They think I was the one to destroy their home, he realized.

Jacob was frozen, taking Sam’s command to heart. Rumsfield struggled lightly between his hands but otherwise didn’t make trouble. He was terrified the area of the small collapse of dirt had meant something special to Sam. As he waited in tense silence, he watched Sam slowly approach the area and crouch down.

Something about the whole thing made Jacob’s chest constrict as he stared down at a man that would normally tower a few inches over him. Not to mention the angle and the way the hunter was crouched made him seem even smaller to Jacob.

Sam watched quietly as two bright red-heads separated from the rest of the smaller people, staring up at Sam directly.

“You destroyed our home. Why?” Sam was taken aback by the sheer authority in the quiet, fearful voice of the male of the pair. “Answer me boy.”

Sam blinked a few times before finding his voice. “We didn’t mean too, my friend accidentally shifted a bunch of dirt around which caused the cave-in… is everyone accounted for? I can help clear out your home as an apology…”

“Everyone is accounted for, we don’t need a human’s help.” The red-head girl glared at Sam, with a confidence that shocked him to the core. “Where is your friend? Tell him to leave this area alone, we will have to leave now that our home is destroyed and we don’t need any humans making it difficult.”

Sam nodded mutely, guilt heavy in his stomach as he realized the damage accidentally wrought. He stood up slowly before turning to look up at Jacob.

An odd feeling washed over the hunter as he realized he was playing middle man between a giant and people barely 2 to 3 inches tall.

“Jacob.” Sam waved to catch the kid’s attention. He twitched at Jacob crouched down onto his elbows and knees.

“What’s going on? I-I didn’t break something important did I?” Jacob’s voice was a low whisper, but the words were heavy with guilt.

“There were people living in that hole Jacob, like people the size of me to you, to me! Inches tall, and we accidentally destroyed their home.” Sam sighed. “We need to go back and tell Bobby and Dead to stay clear of here for a while.”

Jacob nodded slowly before the shock rolled in. “Wait tiny people?”

Sam nodded. “Yeah, here.” He lifted his hand in front of Jacob’s face. “See my fingers? That’s about how tall they are.”

Jacob stared at the small digits in fear. They were already smaller than a grain of rice in comparison to him, he couldn’t wrap his mind around an entire person being that small.

And he’d just destroyed their home without even knowing it.

Guilt hit him like a truck as he realized the consequences for his seemingly harmless action. He was just trying to keep Rumsfield from attacking Sam, but now as he let the dog go, he realized Rumsfield was trying to protect the tiny community.

Jacob had never felt more like a monster.

Aww, the poor cozy burrow, opened up to the elements! Sam would feel bad when he sees all the work they put into the place, like their carefully tended pit of coals and all the basket weaving the elders were working on with the youngest kiddos.

Poor Jacob at that scale is more along the lines of a natural disaster. The tiny borrowers can’t tell what he’s saying, and for him, Sam will have to tell him that the littlest tiny moving things on the ground are actually people. He’ll have to retreat to the other side of the field while Sam sorts things out so he doesn’t accidentally cause them more harm.

Sam is the Jacob-whisperer.

If anyone feels up to writing something for this, feel more than free! Submissions are always open, and just drop a line if you want it to be anonymous.

Technically, this story is taking place in the canon Supernatural world, so the little burrow wouldn’t exist. However, if anyone has any headcanons for them or ideas, feel free >w> I love coming up with things.

As for sheer immensity, it would be impossible for any interactions between such a difference unless a normal sized human played middleman. They’d have to choose between their love of freedom and their safety if it came down to the choice to leave the burrow behind.