XD Eat of the Moment is great, what a play on words. I feel bad for whatever smol ends up in that kind of story.

All such good names! Eclipse of the Moon comes to mind now, a great name for a story with a dark ritual. I’m getting such good ideas from these.

Eotm is exact lyrics from a song, no play on words this time. 

I do have a few in mind, but I don’t know if I’m going to use them in the stories yet and haven’t written them out, so I won’t be able to post anything!

Also, you prompted a very depressing idea for one of the AUs, since I had sads on my mind this week while listening to Lindsey Stirling’s Shatter Me, so people can blame you when I break their hearts 😛 

Actually, this is an idea we’ve had floating about since last winter, and I think now’s a good time to reveal the AU! We’ve got a plot planned out (and many, many cutes because it starts off with Weechesters and kiddo Oz), and just gotta get ourselves moving on it!

Even if the brothers aren’t cursed, this still occurs in a Brothers Apart AU, with the lore and characters we all know and love.

Brothers United– By chance, Sam and Dean go to Knights Inn instead of Trails West, and find themselves pushed into a world they never dreamed existed within their own.

He had to admit, these guests were unusual. Two younger humans, one of them a teenager, called the room their temporary home. Oscar hadn’t heard an adult in there since they checked in. For some reason, the two boys were on their own. It was kind of like Oscar, in a small way. They had their routines and they left the room during the days like most humans did. They didn’t have to mutter absently to themselves like Oscar, since they had each other to bicker with.

That wasn’t the difference that emboldened him to sneak into their room, though. Unlike Oscar, these strange young humans had food.

His entrance to this particular room came through a vent low in the wall. He had already waited a long time, watching for a chance. It had come when the older boy, a loud and confident type, had announced he was going to get them some dinner. Oscar wished absently that he could have given his own order just like the younger human kid, but it was imperative that they never know he was there.

If they found out he existed, they could capture him. They could hurt him or keep him trapped, a punishment for sneaking around and trespassing in their room. It never would matter that he was born in the motel. To a human, he was a pest invading on their space.

Despite the worry, he couldn’t ignore what he’d spotted under the table from a different vent. After the older boy took off, leaving the younger one sitting at the table, Oscar had hopped out of the vent and scurried under the dresser. From there, he had a straight shot to the dropped crumbs under the table, leftover from a bag of trail mix. He never even had to put himself in sight of the human, though he was as silent as ever as soon as he emerged from the other side of the dresser.

The human’s foot tapped against the floor absently, and high above him the underside of the table echoed with the scratching of a pencil. Oscar swallowed drily and steeled his nerves. The human was busy. He couldn’t see him and he wouldn’t hear him walking on the carpet fibers. This wasn’t even the first time he’d snuck under the table like this.

The vibration in the floor from the tapping foot was a drumbeat for his nerves. Oscar snatched up a discarded piece of granola, easily half the size of his head. Some days, that was enough for his one meal of the day.

This time, as he stuffed the food into his bag, he had a chance to grab more. A raisin, smaller than most, caught his eye near one of the table legs. He snapped that up, too, and it disappeared into his cloth bag.

He was ready to leave and dive back into the safety of the walls when he spotted it. A splash of color against the drab, faded pattern of the carpet. Oscar’s eyes were wide as he stared at it, and the tremors in the floor fell away for a moment. He’d never, ever seen candy left out before. He knew without a doubt that he was staring at a dropped piece of something more flavorful than he’d ever had in his life.

The only problem was it wasn’t under the table.

He glanced over to the tapping shoe again. The candy was out on the floor, a foot and a half and no farther from the table leg. It was on the side of the table where the human sat in his enormous chair, but so far the other kid hadn’t moved at all.

Did he dare risk it? 


This AU is full of cutes! We’ve got a full-sized Sammy and Dean, paired up with the smolest of the smols! Thank @justanothergiant for the wonderful work on the commission, they made the story come to life before it even exists!

“Sam, stop feeding him all sugar. Sam?!”

Great guess!

It’s sort of an AU of an AU… what happens in Brothers Adopted if Dean never found Sam trying to save Jacob? Does Dean let Jacob go? Does he try and help the kid out?

What resulted from that is the most hilarious path of misunderstandings and shenanigans we’ve had in any story. Jacob could use a guidebook on how to handle Dean.

Presenting… Brothers Divided!

That part of the story was actually my cowriter’s idea, and I’m actually not overly comfortable with writing the character of the actors. I based Jared a lot closer to Sam than he actually is, and it probably took me about 90% longer to figure out those parts compared to anything with Sam and Dean. So I’ll probably be staying away from ever having Jensen and Jared in BA.

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Sure, feel free! We’d love for the story to be shared with everyone we can! I’m perfectly atrocious at any other language, to my teacher’s chagrin, so I’m unable to make any attempts myself at translating.

Same stipulations apply, provide credit, link to the original stories and also a link to this tumblr. Also, send a link to brothersapart.spn@gmail.com. We can make a page on the tumblr with links to all the translations once they get posted!

–Just gonna add in the stipulation that no money is made from the fanfiction.


68. Witchcraft

Well, I think this is as good a time as any for a visit from my favorite witch herself, Celeste!

Celeste let a look of disgust cross her face as she stared down her opponent.

The others in the coven were pallid, weak, disgusting excuses for witches. Celeste stood tall, her own powers outstripping them by far.

“I will not share my secrets with others,” she declared loudly, her eyes bright with distaste for having to deal with such lowly servants.

The leader stood, slowly uncoiling from her stone chair. “You stand against us?” she ask in a throaty growl, her red-rimmed eyes narrowing.

“I do not care where you stand,” Celeste replied back, her voice as mild as it ever was. Blonde, tall, and busty, she cut an intimidating figure wherever she went, a boon to the glamor she wore to cover up her true form. If they could see her original body… well these women would not be so keen on learning her secrets. Not all paths were desired, no matter that immortality could be hers to give and share with them.

“You must stop you experiments,” the leader commanded. Black robes coiled around her, sometimes giving the impression of smoke.

Even their glamor was predictable.

“Perhaps you would like to be the next I experiment on,” Celeste said, still mild.

A collective gasp came from those ringing where she stood. “But I thought it only worked on children! ” a woman on the left exclaimed. Her child was one of the ones Celeste had taken for herself.

Celeste stared straight at her, refusing to allow these women anonymity. “You know nothing of me. And little of my powers.”

Bored with the conclave, she ripped her hand through the air. The leader of the coven was tossed against the wall, and Celeste advanced while the others withdrew.

“You will not interfere with me,” Celeste hissed. “Or I shall have your entrails for dinner. I have been given a task by he who rules Hell himself, and no one shall stand in my way.”

Then she was gone, and all that proved she’d been there was a brand, burned into the lead witch’s forehead and glowing with the brightness of the sun. The women wailed as they read the message she had left.

Her true name.