Dean frowned, concentrating on the tiny bit of… something on his tongue. His brow pinched with confusion. Now that he paid some attention, he realized that it didn’t taste like anything he’d eaten that night … and it was bigger than he’d expect for it to go unnoticed for so long, definitely too big to simply have been stuck in his teeth.

Then he realized something and it felt like the world started to crash down.

It was moving.

A sense of dread filled him, starting with a clenching in his stomach that bloomed outwards and jabbed ice into his heart and set his pulse pounding in his ears. Reflexively, he pinned the weakly wriggling thing to the roof of his mouth when he swallowed down the rest of his beer in shock. His eyes snapped over to where everyone else was sitting and he could feel his insides freeze up, even more jagged claws digging their way into his chest at the horrible realization of what – or, rather, who – was in his mouth.

Sam was still diligently recording what they knew in his little journal, leaning over it in the way one did to minimize distraction despite the movie blaring in the background. He kept that book with him at all times, jotting down useful information. Bowman sat with his bottlecap forgotten in his hands, staring at the TV screen with a confused fascination that often adorned his face when he was witnessing what he proclaimed to be “human magic.” Those leafy wings twitched a little. And Jacob …

Jacob was nowhere to be seen.

Artwork by @justanothergiant! Their stuff is amazing!

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May 7th excerpt:

Dean bumping the nightstand may have jostled Bowman and Sam a bit. Perhaps it caused Sam’s current thought to have a wayward scribble over it. Maybe Bowman’s wings were rumpled.

For Jacob, the effect was amplified. The vibrations from an innocuous motion shook the lamp that Jacob perched on and it bucked him off.

He pitched forward in surprise, his arms flailing to the sides. His cup went flying, probably behind the nightstand, as Jacob fell face first into the pool of beer with an inaudible splash. The drink soaked him instantly. It was cold and it stole away all the warmth he’d just gained in the lamp light. Jacob’s eyes stung even though he had them shut tight.

March 17th excerpt:

Bowman smirked, taking a second drink of his beer before speaking his mind. “Yeah, we gotta get Jacob back to normal before being the tallest goes straight to Dean’s head.”

Jacob snickered at that, but almost immediately after came a loud, incessant BEEP from the microwave across the room. He couldn’t help a minor flinch from the noise and his free hand almost instinctively went to cover his ear. Everything seemed so loud at this size. Even the simple rustling of fabric as Dean shifted was sharply noticeable.

Dean stood to go get the food just as a second BEEP went off behind him. “Y’know,” he jabbed back, “being tall never went to my head in the first place, small fry.” He left them for a moment to grab his food.

March 13th excerpt:

Dean pulled out of the forest. His stomach grumbled at him, reminding him that none of them had eaten lunch aside from Jacob, who was currently regretting the fact that he had. “I’m gonna run in to the Gas ‘n Sip down the road from the motel,” he announced to the car at large, knowing everyone could hear him fine. “We should pick up some snacks and grab some beers for the night. It might help take the edge off.”

The last time he’d been around, they’d had reheatable meals. He could grab a burger and some fries, probably some apple sticks for the sprite. Something to help cheer Jacob up, maybe…

You haven’t missed any sneak peeks or excerpts! For the horror story, we’re avoiding any of the actual horror parts in any of the peeks, and the story was written before we started the daily excerpts.

…Though we do have commissions that are based on just vague ideas or plans we have, one of this detail would be based on the actual story.

June 8th excerpt:

To no one’s surprise, Dean walked onto Jacob’s hand first, his cocky, bow-legged saunter apparent to all as he crossed over Jacob’s wrist. There was something that was always so strange to see in a guy smaller than a finger being so confident around a giant like Jacob.

Before he joined Dean, Sam was sure to gather up his bag again, holding his cup cautiously so the beer didn’t splash over the rim. He’d never hear the end of that one from Dean. A travesty. That was what Dean would call it if any of the precious amber liquid was lost.

He spent the entire night in the sink, hurling his guts out with Dean helpfully (or not-so-helpfully) dousing him with water from time to time. If he got too cold, Dean would pick him up so he could warm up in his brother’s hands. Other than that, it was an unexciting night in the life of a Winchester.