BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: 1980

( Part 5 of 6 )

“What’s your name?” Bobby asked as he held up his lockpick and started in on the door.

Bright blue eyes flashed between him and the lock. Not a word escaped the small blond kid.

Bobby held in a sigh. He couldn’t say he was surprised, but he was disappointed. He’d enjoyed talking to the littles the last time he’d run into them, but clearly this one wouldn’t give him that chance. He’d already been hurt by humans.

The lock clicked open. Bobby went to reach inside to get him out.

The guy let out a yelp of surprise, diving to the side to get away from the grasping hand. If Bobby had ever felt guilt in his life before (and he had, so many times), he felt it now, as powerful as ever. Here was a person that had been hurt by humans, and was desperate to stay out of the clutches of other humans. He clearly didn’t want to chance another person trapping him.

Bobby let his hand fall to his side.

“I’m not gonna hurt you,” he said. He closed his eyes in thought. An idea occurred to him. Blue eyes opened up once more, freezing the kid in place. “I’m gonna put your cage down on the floor. Okay? Then you can get yourself to safety, and I’ll go get that other hunter off your trail. But ya better keep out of sight the next few days until this all blows over. He’s out for blood.”

With that said, he lifted up the cage. The other man tumbled to the ground, but was up in a flash when the cage was lowered to the floor. Bobby made sure that the door was pointed away from him, giving the guy plenty of space to escape.

The blond man glanced over his shoulder, meeting Bobby’s eyes once more.

Bobby made a shooing gesture. “Get yourself gone. It’s high time you get back to your family or friends. I’ll take care of the rest, don’ you worry.”

He received a solemn nod in return, then the small guy darted off. He vanished behind the dresser in the room. When Bobby checked a minute later, there was no sign of him.

He was gone.

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BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: 1980

( Part 4 of 6 )

Bobby stared at the small man in the cage, and the small man stared back at him. It had been over a minute since he’d uttered a word, unable to believe what he’d found.

A little.

It had been over three years since he’d first run into the small people that lived alongside humans. They’d helped him solve a case in the beginning of his career, letting him know the identity of the ghost before anyone else had gotten hurt (including his own reckless self). They were friendly enough, if very restrained in his presence. They’d wasted no time getting back under cover after he knew what his target was. There hadn’t even been time for a thank you.

And now there was a man trapped in a cage, staring up at Bobby like he was seeing his death.

Bobby held out his hands. “Easy now. It’s okay. I’m not gonna hurtcha. I’m just here to get you out.”

Inwardly, he was cursing. He didn’t want to believe that the jackass hunter he’d found in the area had actually found littles. Now, he’d have to find a way to get that guy off their trail. If the wrong hunter had found this room, it would already be over. Or the vulnerable kid that was trapped in front of him would be tortured until he gave up the location of the others.

Bobby took a few measured steps forward. The other guy flinched back, finding his way to a corner. His eyes were unblinking as he stared up at the hunter.

“I’m just gonna get you out of there, okay?” Bobby continued on, keeping a steady, calm tone of voice. He didn’t want the kid to get scared. He couldn’t be a day over twenty, from the look of things, and who knew how long he’d spent in the cage so far.

An innocent kid, trapped because he was different.

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BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: 1980

( Part 3 of 6 )

Heavy thuds were approaching the room. The table his cage was on started to quiver with the power, a power that humans took for granted. The instinct to run rose up in Walt, but there was nowhere to go.

No place to hide.

He stiffened in place as a dark shadow fell over the door. He didn’t twitch so much as a muscle as the shadow began to bend down to open the door. Normally, that instinct would help hide him in plain sight if he had no other choice. Here, it would do him no good.

Instead of the rattling of a key, a steady series of clicks could be heard coming from the doorknob. Brow furrowing, Walt pulled himself to his feet. Never, in all his 19 years of life had he heard the like.

He wrapped a hand around one of the steel mesh bars behind him. He needed support to stay on his feet after days of not moving aside from using the bathroom (a small pile of woodchips he’d fashioned himself out of the scattered bits on the floor), or eating the scant food given to him.

Something clicked in the door.

It swung open, the towering mass of wood handled by the human like it was child’s play. Walt or his people would never hope to be able to budge such a massive construct like that.

The man that came into the room was big.

Tall, dark haired, yet with piercing blue eyes just like Walt, the human stared around the room. He let the door swing closed behind him. He steadily searched through the room from where he was standing, not moving a muscle as he took it all in.

His eyes found the cage. They locked onto Walt.

“Ah, hell,” Bobby Singer cursed.

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Sam’s family likely wouldn’t be around if something like this went down. As things are, they aren’t leaving the motel anytime soon. Out there, it’s hard to find safety. They’d have to rely completely on Dean or Bobby, and that’s a hard thing to do. Handing their safety, and the safety of their family over to a human isn’t an easy choice to make.

Sam may indeed find out his true height in Brothers Apart…

It’s starting to look like I might want to start writing out Bobby’s encounter with the trapped borrower. As for the field borrowers… stay tuned.

For Sam’s family… at least now that they’ve met Dean, they aren’t as wary of humans as they once were. They will be more open to meeting a person like Bobby. Whether it happens or not… only time will tell.

John got the hell out of there. He didn’t actually know that Sam was cursed and with them until probably about a half hour into the drive. He thought that the witch had taken his youngest and was gunning for his eldest. His first thought was getting Dean the hell out of that motel and out of her reach.

Dean managed to pull himself together enough to reveal what he had cupped between his hands. Poor Sam was downsized to two and a half inches. They ended up on the side of the road when John was too shocked to keep driving.

With Sam unconscious and no way for them to wake him, they drove to Bobby’s. Dean refused to leave Sam’s side. While John and Bobby were desperately searching for a cure or a curse reversal, he was there with his brother in his hands, watching over him.

When Sam woke up a week later, he and Dean were in their own room at Bobby’s, but his bed was now too big. So Dean kept him on his chest to sleep, where he could make sure Sam was safe the entire time.