BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: 1980

( Part 4 of 6 )

Bobby stared at the small man in the cage, and the small man stared back at him. It had been over a minute since he’d uttered a word, unable to believe what he’d found.

A little.

It had been over three years since he’d first run into the small people that lived alongside humans. They’d helped him solve a case in the beginning of his career, letting him know the identity of the ghost before anyone else had gotten hurt (including his own reckless self). They were friendly enough, if very restrained in his presence. They’d wasted no time getting back under cover after he knew what his target was. There hadn’t even been time for a thank you.

And now there was a man trapped in a cage, staring up at Bobby like he was seeing his death.

Bobby held out his hands. “Easy now. It’s okay. I’m not gonna hurtcha. I’m just here to get you out.”

Inwardly, he was cursing. He didn’t want to believe that the jackass hunter he’d found in the area had actually found littles. Now, he’d have to find a way to get that guy off their trail. If the wrong hunter had found this room, it would already be over. Or the vulnerable kid that was trapped in front of him would be tortured until he gave up the location of the others.

Bobby took a few measured steps forward. The other guy flinched back, finding his way to a corner. His eyes were unblinking as he stared up at the hunter.

“I’m just gonna get you out of there, okay?” Bobby continued on, keeping a steady, calm tone of voice. He didn’t want the kid to get scared. He couldn’t be a day over twenty, from the look of things, and who knew how long he’d spent in the cage so far.

An innocent kid, trapped because he was different.

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