Character Profile: Walt Watch


Name: Walt Watch

Age: 44

Height: 6′1″ || 3.8″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Walt is lean and spry, a fast climber (though he can’t keep up with Sam at his best), and ready to fight. He is the one that teaches Sam and Dean how to take on rats at their size, assisted by his handy exacto razor he found in a motel room years back.

Walt is a tanner, able to work the pelt of any rats he kills into various objects, including but not limited to satchels, jackets and boots. 

Most of the passages and entrances in and out of the walls of the Trails West were designed by Walt. He lived in the building before it was turned into a motel, and took the time to guarantee access for all the others of his size living there.

Despite his stern appearance, he is very good with children, often acting as a surrogate father to those who lost their families– Sam, Dean, Krissy and Sean all owe him their lives.

Background: Walt is one of the littles who has lived at the Trails West for the longest. So long that he remembers the days it was a bed and breakfast on the side of the road and remembers the hunters that nearly captured everyone there. Thanks to help from a certain Bobby Singer, nothing came from that. 

Walt has been with the love of his life, Mallory Watch, since he was 18, and with her he raised a daughter, Briella Watch.

Though they lived for years in peace, it didn’t last. Bree was captured by humans when she was still a kid, and taken away from her family. Since then, Walt took in any estranged child as his own and helped raise them, doing his best to make sure the children had the best chance at survival. He doesn’t even flinch from raising cursed humans as his own, and has allowed actual humans into his family, like Dean Winchester after the hunter rescued Bree from her captors and brought the lost daughter home.


Artwork by @mogadeer

To Protect a Family


AU: Brothers Apart

Timeline: Before Bree is taken

Walt nearly held his breath, his eyes locked on his target.

Sitting not one foot from where he was crouched in hiding, the dustbunnies looming over his head, a gleam of metal could be seen sticking out from underneath a bag casually dropped there by the room’s resident human.

Soon that man would leave, and Walt was banking on that man leaving behind the forgotten razor, a discard from his exacto-knife that meant nothing to the human but could mean the difference between life or death to the much smaller man.

Slow breath out, careful breath in.

Use the silence as a cloak. Walt’s hair, normally so vibrantly blond, was dark and dirty, coated in dust and dirt from the walls. His fair skin was the same, making him hard to spot in his black and brown clothing. Mallory had just made it, his darkest set for his supply runs. He was just a shadow in the dark, able to see his surroundings better than any human ever could in the shadows.

The creak of the floorboards under the human’s gargantuan weight heralded the man coming back over to the beds. A shadow fell over Walt’s surroundings, making him fade even more into the darkness. He shut his mouth tight, holding his breath.

The man never spotted Walt hiding there, or the discarded razor left behind. He merely grabbed his backpack off the ground, slinging it onto his arms with quick motions that would sent Walt flying, and headed for the door.

And that was it.

Walt remained in hiding for another ten minutes, waiting out the human. The roar of an engine was heard outside the door, and that quickly faded into the distance. Another human, off on another day of unimaginable activities and actions. Walt didn’t know what humans did with their time, but he knew what they did in the motel. It all seemed so calm compared to the fight he lived each and every day to keep his Mallory and Bree safe and sound.

Darting into the open, he scooped up the razor and tucked it into his jacket. Tonight he could check how sharp the edges were, and use the sharpening stones he’d slowly gathered to hone it into a weapon. Rats always tried to encroach on their home, and with this he now had a worthy weapon, ready to fight them off and protect his family.

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100 (GT) Themes Challenge


For writers (or artists) in the g/t fandom, the Fab 5 ( @bittykimmy, @neonthewrite, @nightmares06, @creatorofuniverses, and @borrowedtimeandspace) have put together a list of one word prompts – all of them chosen by GT people for GT people.

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  1. Giant
  2. Rise
  3. Monster
  4. Peeking
  5. Hands
  6. Borrow
  7. Tinker
  8. Adapt
  9. Flight
  10. Possession
  11. Mouse
  12. Risk
  13. Shelter
  14. Darkness
  15. Argument
  16. Trust
  17. Protect
  18. Close
  19. Cooking
  20. Open
  21. Trepidation
  22. Startle
  23. Dash
  24. Warmth
  25. Flowerpot
  26. Invisible
  27. Escape
  28. Heartbeat
  29. Dew
  30. Freedom
  31. Wings
  32. Laughter
  33. Edge
  34. Slam
  35. Web
  36. Razor
  37. Threaten
  38. Snatch
  39. Solution
  40. Footsteps
  41. Secret
  42. Dollhouse
  43. Corner
  44. Vent
  45. Company
  46. Tremors
  47. Top
  48. Reveal
  49. Creaking
  50. Freefall
  51. Landing
  52. Vertigo
  53. Stuck
  54. Cling
  55. Separate
  56. Needle
  57. Fear
  58. Diversion
  59. Platform
  60. Sneak
  61. Cold
  62. Soft
  63. Exploration
  64. Ignorance
  65. Cage
  66. Curiosity
  67. Narrow
  68. Rescue
  69. Bottom
  70. Grow
  71. Stomp
  72. Cooperate
  73. Problem
  74. Raindrops
  75. Solitude
  76. Precarious
  77. Leap
  78. Stash
  79. Trap
  80. Flash
  81. Miscommunication
  82. Lantern
  83. Tiptoe
  84. Rumble
  85. Conspiracy
  86. Cat
  87. Attention
  88. Ceiling
  89. Experiment
  90. Touch
  91. Bookshelf
  92. Search
  93. Please
  94. Cradle
  95. Hide
  96. Hang
  97. Desperation
  98. Power
  99. Betrayal
  100. Tiny

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November 14th excerpt:

Before she could move a muscle, the gigantic hunter out in the reception hall glanced up at the vent. Those green eyes locked onto Krissy and the blood in her veins turned to ice. Recognition appeared in those eyes as she ducked down, shaking. Walt had once called it a ‘phobia,’ but it didn’t matter what they called it. Krissy was terrified of humans.

How?! her mind demanded. How does he know I’m here?! 


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5. Wish – Nixie

13. Snow – Kara

21. Music – Krissy

23. Mallory – Flowers

36. New – Walt

45. Dreaming – Bree

55. Rainbow – Alyssa

58. Awaken – Arthur

68. Witchcraft – (Celeste chosen)

95. Pretend – Kara

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I’m still open for word prompts if anyone else feels like sending one in! See the post here.

Choose a number and an OC of mine and send it in! OCs listed in the tags below.

Already done:

36. New – Walt

45. Dreaming – Bree

55. Rainbow – Alyssa

95. Pretend – Kara

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June 10th excerpt:

“Trust me, this is a thousand times better than climbing a table,” Dean groused as he followed next. His fear of heights didn’t bother him at all here. The bed was much lower to the ground and didn’t have the disorienting fact of open air on all sides to unnerve him.

“All it takes is some practice!” Sam called up, starting to climb down faster. “Beds or tables, we’ve gotta be ready for anything!”

Dean swore under his breath. “All those times fighting with Walt and now you’re starting to sound just like him.”

“Hey, he had a point, y’know!”

Nothing’s ever out of the question. I’m sure Sam would suggest it to them at some point. The borrowers in the walls have a lot of trust issues with humans, though, so getting all of them to come with Dean would be the hard part.

Offering them a life where they could live without relying on humans would be a wonderful thing. Much safer than a motel.


BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: 1980

( Part 6 of 6 )

Darkness was falling by the time he returned to the small home he shared with his beautiful wife.

There were tears in her eyes as she opened up the door, pushing aside the block of wood that kept out the bugs and spiders that shared the world with them.

“Walt, oh, you’re home!” She flew into his arms. It didn’t matter that she barely reached his chest. Her hug had enough force to knock the breath from his lungs.

Walt hugged her back, desperately relieved to see her again. He pulled out of the hug only to share a passionate kiss.

“I want to have a baby with you,” he murmured as they came up for air. His days in the cage left him wanting to leave something behind, someone to remember him and someone to keep Mallory company if he was ever lost. He blinked back tears of his own, sharing his greatest desire with her. “I want to be a father.”

Theirs was a hard life, but it was theirs.

Mallory stared up at him, her lips parted in surprise. “Oh, my love,” she said breathlessly, pulling him into another hug.

He found himself pulled over so she could whisper in his ear. She brought his hand to her stomach to let him feel the bump that was forming. “You’ll be a father soon. I’m pregnant.”

Part 1

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Bobby and his past with the borrowers has always been a popular topic. Now you’ve seen the borrowers in the field and the borrower he saved… none other than Walt Watch, the man who went on to save Sam Winchester in turn thirteen years later.