Character Profile: Walt Watch


Name: Walt Watch

Age: 44

Height: 6′1″ || 3.8″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Walt is lean and spry, a fast climber (though he can’t keep up with Sam at his best), and ready to fight. He is the one that teaches Sam and Dean how to take on rats at their size, assisted by his handy exacto razor he found in a motel room years back.

Walt is a tanner, able to work the pelt of any rats he kills into various objects, including but not limited to satchels, jackets and boots. 

Most of the passages and entrances in and out of the walls of the Trails West were designed by Walt. He lived in the building before it was turned into a motel, and took the time to guarantee access for all the others of his size living there.

Despite his stern appearance, he is very good with children, often acting as a surrogate father to those who lost their families– Sam, Dean, Krissy and Sean all owe him their lives.

Background: Walt is one of the littles who has lived at the Trails West for the longest. So long that he remembers the days it was a bed and breakfast on the side of the road and remembers the hunters that nearly captured everyone there. Thanks to help from a certain Bobby Singer, nothing came from that. 

Walt has been with the love of his life, Mallory Watch, since he was 18, and with her he raised a daughter, Briella Watch.

Though they lived for years in peace, it didn’t last. Bree was captured by humans when she was still a kid, and taken away from her family. Since then, Walt took in any estranged child as his own and helped raise them, doing his best to make sure the children had the best chance at survival. He doesn’t even flinch from raising cursed humans as his own, and has allowed actual humans into his family, like Dean Winchester after the hunter rescued Bree from her captors and brought the lost daughter home.


Artwork by @mogadeer

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