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So, from what I gathered – The AU takes place two years earlier than when Jacob was cursed in Brothers Adopted. Meaning, Dean’s 22, Sam’s 18 and Jacob’s 13.

After arriving at Trial’s West, Jacob was cursed by Celeste, but he’s mom found him and saved him. Which means that Jake never met Sam or any of the other smaller residents who call the motel their home. Anyway, Dean somehow hears about this case of an attack and a disappearance of of a kid, and it just so happens it took place just so happens it took place in Trial’s West.

So Dean starts to really dig into the case (which is suspiciously similar to what happened to Sammy years before) and somehow finds out that the victim, Jake, was actually shrunk (I still don’t get how he figured it out though. in the sneak peaks he said something like “the news weren’t kidding about you, were they?” so I figured he knew, but there’s no way a case of a shrunken kid would show up on news, so he must have found some clues or something…I really don’t know), so he decides to “borrow” him for a while, until the case is over or something like that.

They arrive at Trial’s West only to encounter a smol stranger (Sammy to the rescue :D), who I’ll take probably got caught by Dean after attempting to save Jake. After things got more or less calm(ish), they question him about the case- if he knew of any disappearances that have accrued in the motel (referring to Sam, which just so happens to be the exact guy they’re questioning).

I’m gonna guess that that this au will be kinda like brothers together, only instead of Sam being shrunk and saved-Jacob’s shrunken and saved by his mom (Sam was cursed too, but unlike Jacob, he wasn’t saved in this au), and instead of Oz, the experienced borrower, teaching the recently shrunken human, Sammy, how deal with his new size-Sam’s the one who’s teaching the recently shrunken Jake! My guess for Something Borrowed :3

We’re both impressed! We didn’t think anyone would guess this!

This is why we hid the AU name for the story, because it gives away Dean’s true intentions, and the reason he ‘borrows’ Jacob.

Runners up for the AU name was Brothers Borrowed, but instead, we present…

Brothers Sought!

We’ll keep the reasons Dean discovered Jacob’s existence under wraps… for now 😉

“My brother vanished at that motel when we were kids,” Dean said, finally letting out the secret he’d hidden away in his heart. “And if this is the same thing… you might be able to help me find him.”

Jacob made sure he sat right in the center of Dean’s palm again, ever wary of the edge. It was a habit he needed to keep, always, at this size. The world was dangerous for him like this.

He almost didn’t want to accept that someone else might be going through the same thing.

“Your brother,” he echoed, in a cautious voice. From looking at the guy, he was still pretty young, but hadn’t been a kid in a while. Years. If this wild hunch was correct, someone had been shrunk down to Jacob’s size years ago, and hadn’t been found like Jacob had. The thought made him go pale.

“Uh. Maybe. I’m not sure how I’d… okay,” he stammered, rubbing self consciously at his neck. The thought of dealing with all of this alone, for so long, broke any chance of focusing. “I– I guess it kinda makes sense. Sure. If I can find him, I’ll … help.”

Remember in taken from brothers apart that dean took the borrowers from that motel? What if they had to stop on the way (plot reasons) and found knights inn, took him and everyone else to trails west?

The BA bros would be amaze to meet Oscar! He’s done so much, surviving on his own that long!

They would certainly offer, since they’re helping so many others relocate at the time. Oscar wouldn’t have to live on his own, and he’d have more of a support system than he does at his current place, where the others live so far apart.

Plus, Sam always can drop in on their friend and make sure he’s doing okay in his new home. 

July 22nd excerpt:

Dean let out a breath and slid his duffel bag from his shoulder, lightly dropping it in the corner. “Now what?”

Jacob glanced to the duffel and the loud clatter it made as it settled on the floor before looking up at Dean. From his position held up in the air, he had a good vantage point of a room in a motel that should be more familiar. Jacob hadn’t had time to memorize his surroundings there before he was hit by the shrinking. After that, he hadn’t come back.

Until now. In one of the weirdest missions he’d ever heard of. “How would I know what to do?” he asked, exasperated.

One of Jacob’s friends surprises him at the hotel since it’s been awhile since they saw him last. getting the location from his worried mother. He’s got to figure out a way to explain the sudden appearance of sprites without wings in motel rooms.

Dean and Bobby Loran would be the worst mixing of characters, especially a smol Dean with Bobby. Someone’s gonna get hurt if Jacob isn’t there to help.

Considering in the motel sprites au Jacob’s friends at least know about sprites (and they know he Will Punch someone who threatens them too much), they might hesitate. Chase would definitely be more chill about it, and most likely just heckle Dean with innocent teasing. Bobby Loran, though, even if he’s learned a thing or two about respecting smol folk, needs to be watched more closely.

Of those three human dorks, Bobby would be likely to learn Dean’s mantra of “You grab, I stab” very quickly. For once it’s not Jacob getting slashed.

Would it have really made a difference if Bobby had told Dean about Littles before he encountered Sam at Trails West? In other words, would they still have met and, if they did, would it have been at all similar to their meeting in Brothers Apart?

It definitely would!

Dean would still be jumpy if he ran into Sam without warning, but he’s also not about to bother a person just minding their own business getting supplies. He’d be more likely to let them go and see if they knew anything about the problems Trails West has been having, since borrowers/littles are a very good source of information for the hunters that protect them.

So they would definitely still meet, Dean would grab Sam, let him go, probably with a warning that something’s up in the motel, and Sam wouldn’t be able to resist giving Dean a hand with it, only to discover just who Dean is in the first place. 

You two are one letter off from the title, so you win a sneak peek for all! This story is titled Wayward Sons, and sometimes wayward sons have to return home to the family they left behind.

XD This is one of those titles that makes everyone facepalm and go “Of course!” if they’ve watched the show. 

“Of course I know where we are!” Dean interrupted. “It hasn’t been that long since we were around…”

Up ahead, what looked like twelve feet away but must only be seven inches, there was an end to the path. Part of the wall shifted, then moved aside under the control of someone inside. A block was substituted for a door.

Dean, who was paying more attention to Sam behind him than the path in front in order to keep bickering, pulled to a halt when he heard someone clear their throat. Sam almost ran right into his brother, caught off guard by the suddenness of the gesture.

Blue eyes like steel stared out at them.

“Boys,” Walt Watch greeted, his arms crossed and his face stern.

While everyone was staring at each other in the shock that came from a long time spent apart, a small ball of energy pushed right past Walt. Mallory, her long blonde hair a mess and bouncing in loose curls behind her back, flew out from the small home. “Dean?! Sam!”

Walt didn’t have a chance to catch her before she barreled right into Dean with a sob, pulling the much taller man into a hug. There was no resisting her, and she did the same with Sam, small tears peeking out the corner of her eyes. “Oh, thank God,” she breathed as she pulled out of Sam’s arms to get a good look at both of them. “We thought you were dead or worse.”

“Never bett–”

Dean’s declaration was cut off with a loud slap that sounded like it could be heard from one end of the motel to the other. Shocked, Dean stumbled back, tenderly holding his cheek.

Mallory’s tears were overflowing. “How could you leave us like that?” she demanded tearfully.


Artwork by aibyou

This is one of my favorite AUs!

Dean made his way downstairs, using the passages that he’d learned during the last few weeks while Sam was recovering. One day, he’d help his little brother learn those same passages, just like the way he’d helped Sam learn at the Trails West. This house was a new maze that they needed to learn.

The feeling on the back of his neck grew stronger as he reached the ground floor. Dean slipped out of the walls when the tingle was as powerful as it ever was. He was close.

A cabinet stretched up along the wall a few feet away, and he had to frown. There was no way a guy like Jacob would fit under that, yet the sense that told Dean where the necklace was pointed him right at it.

Caution in every pore, Dean darted across the wood flooring, hoping his brief time in the open wouldn’t get him spotted. He held a hand over his knife in his leather jacket, ready for anything. He couldn’t afford to be spotted by Mariana, and without Sam backing him up he had no advance warning.

The crack between the wall and the cabinet was dark and welcoming. He slid inside like it was natural, frowning at the sight of something huddled in the center. Had Jacob lost his necklace? How had it possibly ended up this far underneath the cabinet? Dean would have to grab it to get it back to the kid, there was no way they’d let him lose it…

His thought process trailed off as he realized what he was looking at, and he skid to a halt.

It wasn’t a necklace.

I actually have a few ways I imagine it! We have the initial layout from the first story of Brothers Apart:


The arrows and circles showing where Sam and Dean were standing on their initial first encounter, small escape paths and entrances for Sam marked at the sides.

Then we have the actual layout of the real Trails West, another good reference for the room:


Character Profile: Walt Watch


Name: Walt Watch

Age: 44

Height: 6′1″ || 3.8″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Walt is lean and spry, a fast climber (though he can’t keep up with Sam at his best), and ready to fight. He is the one that teaches Sam and Dean how to take on rats at their size, assisted by his handy exacto razor he found in a motel room years back.

Walt is a tanner, able to work the pelt of any rats he kills into various objects, including but not limited to satchels, jackets and boots. 

Most of the passages and entrances in and out of the walls of the Trails West were designed by Walt. He lived in the building before it was turned into a motel, and took the time to guarantee access for all the others of his size living there.

Despite his stern appearance, he is very good with children, often acting as a surrogate father to those who lost their families– Sam, Dean, Krissy and Sean all owe him their lives.

Background: Walt is one of the littles who has lived at the Trails West for the longest. So long that he remembers the days it was a bed and breakfast on the side of the road and remembers the hunters that nearly captured everyone there. Thanks to help from a certain Bobby Singer, nothing came from that. 

Walt has been with the love of his life, Mallory Watch, since he was 18, and with her he raised a daughter, Briella Watch.

Though they lived for years in peace, it didn’t last. Bree was captured by humans when she was still a kid, and taken away from her family. Since then, Walt took in any estranged child as his own and helped raise them, doing his best to make sure the children had the best chance at survival. He doesn’t even flinch from raising cursed humans as his own, and has allowed actual humans into his family, like Dean Winchester after the hunter rescued Bree from her captors and brought the lost daughter home.


Artwork by @mogadeer

It has not been revealed yet 😉

In fact, Sean’s knack is heavily touched upon in an upcoming story in the Brothers Apart series, and will be revealed then. We will learn a lot more about the littles of Trails West, and their resident cursed human when trouble comes knocking at their door.