This is one of my favorite AUs!

Dean made his way downstairs, using the passages that he’d learned during the last few weeks while Sam was recovering. One day, he’d help his little brother learn those same passages, just like the way he’d helped Sam learn at the Trails West. This house was a new maze that they needed to learn.

The feeling on the back of his neck grew stronger as he reached the ground floor. Dean slipped out of the walls when the tingle was as powerful as it ever was. He was close.

A cabinet stretched up along the wall a few feet away, and he had to frown. There was no way a guy like Jacob would fit under that, yet the sense that told Dean where the necklace was pointed him right at it.

Caution in every pore, Dean darted across the wood flooring, hoping his brief time in the open wouldn’t get him spotted. He held a hand over his knife in his leather jacket, ready for anything. He couldn’t afford to be spotted by Mariana, and without Sam backing him up he had no advance warning.

The crack between the wall and the cabinet was dark and welcoming. He slid inside like it was natural, frowning at the sight of something huddled in the center. Had Jacob lost his necklace? How had it possibly ended up this far underneath the cabinet? Dean would have to grab it to get it back to the kid, there was no way they’d let him lose it…

His thought process trailed off as he realized what he was looking at, and he skid to a halt.

It wasn’t a necklace.

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