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#iatwaa is indeed It’s a Tall World After All (super proud of that play on words, not gonna lie XD), and definitely a ride from start to finish!

I’ll add it to the FAQ in a bit. For now, you’ve earned a sneak peek!

“Wait, what?” she muttered aloud, squinting closer at the opening while the kid knelt by the cabinet. He lowered his hand to the ground and … Oh my God!

There were two guys just casually standing on a hand the size of a goddamn truck. As Emmy watched, they stepped onto the floor and walked along the wall like it was the most normal act in the world. They didn’t even stumble.

“Well, what?!” Olive hissed, suddenly right behind Emmy. Emmy waved her hand absently, eyes fixed on the pair of them. They were moving a lot faster now, one of them trailing a hand along the wallpaper.

They were a foot away when she realized it and backed up, colliding with Olive. The two women scrambled for a moment before backing towards the opposite side of the wall with the others. Emmy’s eyes never left the thin opening.

She held her breath along with everyone else, and, as a group, the wary shrinking victims huddled farther back when the entrance flew open and revealed two silhouettes entering their hiding place, almost like they knew it was there.

She broke the silence. They were only about a foot away, all told. Those guys would have found them eventually. Emmy, who’d been there the longest, stood as tall and steady as she could, and said “Wh-who the hell are you? " 

This is one of my favorite AUs!

Dean made his way downstairs, using the passages that he’d learned during the last few weeks while Sam was recovering. One day, he’d help his little brother learn those same passages, just like the way he’d helped Sam learn at the Trails West. This house was a new maze that they needed to learn.

The feeling on the back of his neck grew stronger as he reached the ground floor. Dean slipped out of the walls when the tingle was as powerful as it ever was. He was close.

A cabinet stretched up along the wall a few feet away, and he had to frown. There was no way a guy like Jacob would fit under that, yet the sense that told Dean where the necklace was pointed him right at it.

Caution in every pore, Dean darted across the wood flooring, hoping his brief time in the open wouldn’t get him spotted. He held a hand over his knife in his leather jacket, ready for anything. He couldn’t afford to be spotted by Mariana, and without Sam backing him up he had no advance warning.

The crack between the wall and the cabinet was dark and welcoming. He slid inside like it was natural, frowning at the sight of something huddled in the center. Had Jacob lost his necklace? How had it possibly ended up this far underneath the cabinet? Dean would have to grab it to get it back to the kid, there was no way they’d let him lose it…

His thought process trailed off as he realized what he was looking at, and he skid to a halt.

It wasn’t a necklace.

March 10th excerpt:

Sam’s mouth turned dry, and he shot a look at Dean. Give it a shot? he mouthed at his brother, having heard nothing of this from anyone. He rubbed the back of his neck in a distracted gesture, trying to brush away the warning tingle of humans watching them.

Dean was almost glowing with hope. He nodded eagerly. “It’s a cleansing spell,” he said in a hushed voice. “Maybe it can cleanse the curse just like the hex. It can’t hurt, right?”

March 9th excerpt:

With a hand brushing against the wallpaper, Dean lead the way behind the display case. The tingle on Sam’s neck flattened to nothing the moment he was out of sight of their friends, and his shoulders relaxed. Then…

Wait. What the hell?

He was still being watched.

It was faint and fleeting compared to the heavy touch of Jacob’s attention, but it was there.

“Dean,” Sam hissed, “we’re being watched.”

March 7th excerpt:

He reached over them to experimentally nudge a book back to its upright position, and pushed it back a little farther. “Wow. With this setup no one would even know you guys were in there,” he noted appreciatively.

Dean slapped the hand that was encroaching in on their space. “And it’s gonna stay that way,” he said pointedly. “Now quit it! If you keep pushing the books back Sam will take over the entire place while he sleeps.”

March 6th excerpt:

While Sam was lost in thought, he didn’t notice Rumsfeld shifting behind him. The dog blinked at how far away Dean was, knowing he wouldn’t be able to reach him without jumping up on the desk. Doing that would knock Sam over, and that would hurt the little guy.

So instead, he nosed up against Sam’s back.

And scooped him up with one swift motion.

March 5th excerpt:

“That’s right!” Sam blurted out, his voice raised. “Did Dean tell you? He ‘borrowed’ my journal to use for the protection symbols I copied down that first week at Bobby’s, and he got a drop of red paint in the middle of it. He was trying to hide it from me for like a day before I got my book back.”

“Ah, that’s bad luck,” Jacob lamented, a bemused look on his face. He had gotten glimpses of the small journal Sam toted around with him, but never anything substantial. The tiny handwriting was much too small for him to see. It was clear how important the book was to Sam.

“I guess now it’s just got a little extra character to it. And you have ammo for not letting him borrow your shit anymore,” he snickered.

March 4th excerpt:

Dean hoisted himself out of the pocket, giving Sam an ‘accidental’ bump in the head with his boot and making him almost tumble back into the pocket. It was child’s play to avoid Sam’s lunge, trying to swipe at his legs.

From there Dean just crawled up to the shoulder, smirking at the disgruntled brother he’d left behind. At least for the moment, Sam wouldn’t risk climbing out after him. He was home free and out of reach.

“Second star to the right, and straight on till morning!” Dean declared, jabbing an arm straight out.

March 3rd excerpt:

“Whoa!” Dean was caught off guard by the slope that developed beneath his feet. With the way he was crouched on the hand, it tilted his balance out from under him and sent him rolling down the outstretched fingers. The hand vanished from under him and he hit the bottom of the pocket, landing in a surprised heap.

Dean popped back into sight, a predictably annoyed glare on his face at the unexpected tumble. “You can’t tilt your hand like that with Sam,” he griped.