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A Time To Heal!

Sam’s arm might be broken, but this Winchester won’t let it hold him back! That is, if Dean ever stops fussing over him long enough to sneak out of the walls for some fresh air. 

We return to Brothers Lost, to check in on Sam and to see how the brothers are doing with their new place in the walls at Jacob’s!

Due to a brief hiatus, this story will begin posting on October 6th!


Sneak peek:

Before he even made it up the steps, the door was opened by Mrs. Andris (she’d married and was technically Mrs. Ellison now, but had been Andris for so long that Chase hadn’t yet gotten used to the change; she didn’t mind).

“Chase! So glad to see you. Jacob just got back a little bit ago, he headed up to his room,” she said, drawing him into a hug as he walked in.

“Really? I didn’t see his car, I figured I might have to wait…” Chase replied, glancing out to the street again.

“Oh, he’s driving that big black car now,” Mariana said, her eyebrows shooting up conspiratorially.

Chase’s followed suit when he spotted the shining black car, a metal behemoth with a classic shape and what looked like a lot of power in it. It certainly suited Jacob well enough, but Chase had to wonder. Jacob wasn’t rolling in money; it wasn’t in his nature. “Where did he get that?! ”

Mariana rolled her eyes. “Oh, he got work restoring cars last month. I even called the guy to confirm, he’s letting him drive it around. Didn’t want it to just sit, I guess.”

“Holy shi– crap. Holy crap,” Chase said, a sheepish look coming onto his face while Mariana raised an eyebrow pointedly at him. “Well, I guess I better go give him a hard time about that,” he said, nodding towards the stairs.

She forgave his near-slip and nodded. “I bet he’ll be glad to see you,” she told him with a smile before softly padding back into the front living room where she’d been at work at a desk in the corner.

Chase had his hand on the banister and one foot on the bottom step when he happened to glance at the archway leading into the kitchen. Nothing seemed out of place, so the barest movement caught his eye, so slight he almost thought he imagined it. Chase’s eyes zeroed in on the appliances all the same, or rather, what he thought he saw moving behind them.

Was that … a leather jacket?

Artwork by @ghostquack!

There’s No Place Like Home

(Story 3 of the Brothers Lost series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

The newly-minted team of hunters runs into some downtime between cases. Sam and Dean Winchester, cursed to live at a fraction of their original height, agree to a new trip with Jacob; this time on the road home to reassure his mom he’s still alive and kicking.

An uninvited guest throws this family reunion into a mess, and suddenly Jacob’s left alone to piece together what happened…

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jacob Andris, Mariana Andris, Bobby Loran

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artwork by @jennilah / @ask-tinycas

There’s No Place Like Home sneak peek

Story arrives 6/30/19 at 9pm! Posting every Sunday and Wednesday at 9pm EST

The newly-minted team of hunters runs into some downtime between cases. Sam and Dean Winchester, cursed to live at a fraction of their original height, agree to a new trip with Jacob; this time on the road home to reassure his mom he’s still alive and kicking.

An uninvited guest throws this family reunion into a mess, and suddenly Jacob’s left alone to piece together what happened…

Bobby Loran quirked an eyebrow at the monstrous car parked outside of Jacob’s house. The black and chrome classic sparked envy in him, and he found himself wondering who was driving that around. He doubted it was Jacob’s stepdad, and his mom probably never would.

It was equally hard to believe that Jacob would end up with such a nice car, considering the less than glamorous line of work he’d taken up.

Not that Bobby would judge his old friend for it. Jacob had never been afraid of hard work. Bobby hadn’t had a chance to hang out with Jacob in a long time, but as soon as he heard the big guy was back in town, he paid the little house a visit. The tiny front lawn was immaculate as always, showing off Mariana’s care for the landscaping. Despite having a smaller home, she took the advice from magazines to heart.

Bobby traipsed up the lawn to knock on the door, glad to be in the shade of the house after the walk there. There was a shuffling of shoes on hardwood floors before the door opened and Mariana answered. Bobby offered her a smile; anyone who knew Jacob knew that his mother was one of the sweetest people on the planet.

“Hey, Mrs. Andris,” he greeted her. “I hear Jacob’s back in town?”

She bobbed her head and her curls bounced with the motion. “You hear right, Bobby, but our timing’s off. I sent him into the city with my car to run some errands for me. You’re welcome to come inside and wait for him, though; I doubt he’ll be gone too much longer.”

“Thank you, ma’am, I might just do that,” he replied, stepping into the house.

“Good to see you again, hon,” Mariana said, closing the door before opening her arms for a hug. 

Bobby chuckled and let the petite woman embrace him. “Yeah,” he replied.

Once Mariana took her leave to return to whatever she’d been bustling about doing (she always had a project going on when she wasn’t at one of her jobs), Bobby trudged up the stairs, tired footsteps landing a little heavier than might usually happen. He’d visited enough times to know exactly where Jacob’s room was, and he didn’t even look up from the phone he’d retrieved from his pocket to check for texts until he’d already thrown the door open and walked in.

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kajensen07 asked:

So I think that There’s No Place Like Home is actually talking about Bowman’s home. He needs some rescuing in the Bowman Lost stories (sob), and it makes me feel better to think that he will be rescued soon. And I will continue to think that until proven otherwise. Please..!!!

Well, as the title states, someone’s home will be in it… and it certainly won’t be Sam and Dean’s, since the closest they have to a home is the Impala…

Who else is suffering through Bowman Lost with me and @kajensen07? I’m reading this all for the first time as it’s posted! –nightmares06 

The Road to Nowhere reveal

enby-phoenix asked:


(In response to this post)

There’s BOTH! The season finale for Brothers Lost will be a RIDE!

And this isn’t even like, half of what’s going on in the story

Dean forced open the pocket, snaking two fingers in to pry out the people in there. His plan went awry when a bolt of pain struck. “OW!”

Snatching his hand back, Dean stared at the thin trail of blood leaking from a cut that hadn’t been there moments before. “Son of a…”

“Dean!” Sam snapped. “It’s just a cut.”

Nodding, Dean went back, this time moving too fast for an attack, and yanking the occupants of Jacob’s pocket out.

In a sprawl of arms and legs, the small pair that had been hiding inside landed on Dean’s palm. A glint of metal flashed, and Dean pinned the tiny knife between two fingers, aiming to avoid anymore retaliatory strikes at his fingers.

The guy that wielded the knife didn’t let it go without a fight. Squirming to free himself from the pile with the second, he clung to the hilt with a death-grip.

“Get fucked!” he shouted, digging his heels into the cushion of skin on Dean’s palm.

Dean stared.

The guy hanging onto the knife might as well be his doppelganger.

Jeans, boots, leather jacket and duffel bag, the guy couldn’t be more than four inches in height. Taller than both of the others they’d found earlier, what stood out the most was his spike of blond hair and the scowl on his face that was a mirror of Dean’s own.

The tiny mirror of Dean had such a strong grip on the knife hilt that he was dragged into the air when Dean tried to twist it away from him. The second person, who Dean shouldn’t have been so surprised to see the fluffy dark hair and familiar hazel eyes of his younger brother on, dove for the first guy’s legs, grabbing on and trying to lend weight to the tug-of-war between the two.

Sam’s voice broke the spell that had fallen over Dean.

“What. The hell.”

Story name guessed!

wolfie180g  asked:

Trtn – the road to nowhere?

Ooo, what a great first guess for this! You nailed it!

While Brothers Lost began with The Road Not Taken, their first season will wrap up with The Road to Nowhere– named for a very real place that I once knew (though this story is not placed near the original road to nowhere).

This story will edge towards the Bittersweet Parting style of season ending, instead of the kind of season ending we got with Taken… Take that as you will.

We haven’t gotten around to finishing up our current excerpted stories and moving on to this one because… well… @nightmares06 has plain run out of energy most days, so an excerpt a day has become too much for her, and she’s contemplating other options to continue on with story peeks, so expect news for how it will change soon. The other sneak peeks that come from people guessing our plans or story names/au names won’t change at all, just the daily posts.

Naturally, a correctly guessed story name will net you a peek at this in-progress work!

Sam stared at Dean, and Dean stared back at Sam.

There had been a tiny voice, just at the edge of hearing, but neither of them had made any noise. They were both fully in view, with only the sounds of an empty parking lot accompanying Sam while he emptied the Impala, left for the morning after their late night check-in.

As it sunk in, Sam shut the door behind him and Dean chucked his towel into the bathroom sink, both reacting to a possible threat in the area.

A splash of movement down by the table legs caught Dean’s eyes, and he sidled around the wall, signaling for Sam to take the opposite side.

Sam got into position, and Dean dove his hands at the table leg, aiming to catch the unknown creature in their room.

Hi! (Off note) I fraking love your blog and stories. (On note) I was just wondering what stories are in the works? I’m super pumped for the first and wanted to know what I should be expecting. Thanks for the writings!

We probably answered this before, but now is as good a time as any for an update!

Brothers Apart– Season 3 has the first story written, but it needs editing and some TLC before it’ll be ready to post. The second story is half-done, and the third is in the idea stage, with a three-part special story chain that will end with quite an interesting twist!

Brothers Lost– We’ve found where the conclusion of season 1 will be! This AU will pull in several characters that our readers might recognize both from our other stories, Supernatural episodes, and some unique OCs that will appear for the first time in BL! Two additional stories are ready for posting now, several others need to be edited and beta’d, and we’re currently writing our way through the Season 1 finale, which we have not had the chance to excerpt! Keep your eyes open for #trtn when it begins to post.

Brothers Consulted– The next story will be posting at the start of the new year :3 We have several stories written, most need editing. Planned seasons for this series will be shorter, just like on the Sherlock TV show, but they’ll be full of action!

Brothers Asunder– Several more stories are complete past Dean of Nowhere, but they need to be edited and beta’d. Many plans are in the works for this AU starring @neonthebright ​‘s sprites.

Brothers Adopted– One more story is completed but needs to be edited and beta’d. Other ideas are in the works to continue the storyline and take it in a very unexpected direction.

Brothers Found– This story will take the very frazzled group back to the Wellwood in the next edition and will pull in a very familiar hunter for those who have read Bowman of Wellwood! After that, there is one more story under construction, but it’s currently on hold while we write other AUs.

Brothers Chosen– The first two stories for this series are finished and waiting to be edited. We also are holding off on posting these until Stan Baker debuts in Brothers Consulted. More stories are planned to follow Stan’s path now that he’s with the Winchesters.

Brothers Discovered– The first story is 50% finished and currently on hold, but there are many plans for this young and adorable crew, and Stan Baker will also be joining up as a kiddo!

Brothers Divided– Two stories are written and need to be edited and beta’d. I know @creatorofuniverses is waiting for her chance to dive at this story after the teasers we’ve put out…

Brothers Grounded– Since this is a bit of an AU for messing around in, we don’t have any completed stories, but there are a few more chapters of fun, and we do plan on jumping back on it once we’ve caught up on some of our other backlogged plans! It’s fun playing around with a Brothers-Lost style Sam and Dean with @neonthebright ​‘s canon storyline.

Brothers Kept– We’re only on the first story, but we’ve also constructed the backbone of the AU, all the way through a storyline crafted for this particularly disturbing version of the BA-verse.

Brothers Remembered– Another AU where we’re working on the first story! We have definite Plans for this one, and a familiar face that some of our giant story readers will remember…

Brothers Saved– Ah, the AU that began as a prompt and grew from there! Both cowriters are interested in pursuing a storyline within this ‘verse, we just haven’t had time to start on the stories. There is another short that was written, and I’m in progress of writing a second as @torchmlp ​‘s contest prize from this year. 

Brothers Together– There is nothing written or in-progress for this AU currently, but we do have some ideas floating around, and of course at some point we’re going to need to show how Oscar did when he reached Bobby’s!

Brothers Unexpected– Two stories, two shorts, and a multitude of ideas! This is just waiting to be beta’d, and we fully expect stories from BU to show up in the next poll.

Brothers United– Half a story written, and lots planned for these poor dorks! Unfortunately, this is the story we were working on when writer’s block hit @nightmares06​ hard, so we put it on hiatus and tried to switch to other projects. Now that the ideas are beginning to flow again, we hope to return to it.

Giant Jacob storyline– There are plans in the works for a sequel, though all we have for it so far is a tagline written out…

We have several more unannounced AUs under construction, and are constantly coming up with more ideas! Feel free to send us in your ideas/headcanons/asks, you never know what might happen!

Brothers Lost Meets Charlie Bradbury Part 2



Disclaimer: I DO NOT own this concept, all rights for the Brothers Lost storyline of cursed!Sam and cursed!Dean with full sized Jacob are owned by@nightmares06 (aka @brothersapart​ ) and PL1 (aka @neonthewrite )

If you haven’t read part 1, here’s a link: Brothers Lost Meets Charlie Bradbury Part 1


Author’s Note: Wow I was not expecting that many people to like the story. Thanks people of Tumblr!

Once in the car, Jacob brought out the Winchesters from hiding. He tried to hold them low enough so that anyone on the sidewalk couldn’t see them with a quick glance.

“So what do you guys think?” Jacob asked.

“You forgot the EM-oof!” Dean started, getting cut off by an elbow to the ribs, courtesy of Sam.

“What he meant to say was, you did great, but you could use some work.” Sam said up to the teen.

“Yeah, but now we don’t have a reading and we’ll have to break in later!” Dean griped.

“Break in??” Jacob echoed with hesitancy.

“Welcome to the hunting business. Get used to it!” Dean quipped with a grin.

Well, just another reason I can’t tell anyone what I really do on the road.. Jacob thought to himself.

“I’m guessing we will have to do this at night, like in the movies?” Jacob said.

“Yup, and in the meantime, we interrogate wizard boy.” Dean said,  grin going wider.

“Hopefully it doesn’t go as bad as last time..” Sam started, amusement coloring his voice.

“I didn’t do that bad!” Jacob protested.

“You asked a man that was suspected of killing his wife how is day was going!” Sam exclaimed.

“It was my first time posing as a sheriff! The badge I got wasn’t even official!” Jacob protested in a slightly higher whisper, even as a blush darkened his face. The brothers were hiding grins at the memory as Jacob lifted them to his shoulder for the car ride.


Sam and Dean slipped out of sight in Jacob’s inner pocket when he parked at the police station. When they were situated Jacob got out and headed in, fumbling for his badge as he approached the front desk.

“Agent Morrison!” The officer from earlier called just as Jacob managed to flash his badge, “Right over here.”

Jacob looked over and followed the man down the hall to a simplistic interrogation room, with what had to be Lance the Mage sitting handcuffed. Jacob entered and the door closed behind him with a loud click, making Lance look up.

“Jim Morrison, FBI. I’m here to talk to you about your friend Lance’s recent passing.” Jacob said, trying to sound professional.

“I-I swear I don’t know a-anything! I’d never want to k-kill Ed!” Lance cried out, obviously distraught.

“W-woah, um- I just want to ask a few questions, nobody’s blaming anybody.”

“O-okay,” Lance responded, trying to calm down.

    “Is there anyone who might want to hurt Ed?”

    “N-no Ed is a great guy, everyone at Moondoor liked him,” Lance began slowly, “The only enemies he had were just in Moondoor. Everyone is friends in real life.”

    “Moondoor?” Jacob questioned.

    “The game we play, we’re LARPers.”

“Ok,” Jacob remembered what Sam had said about LARP, “So, about the texts you sent Ed the night he died, why were you two fighting?”

“Those texts weren’t from me. They were from me, but they weren’t from me me.”

“Um, what?” Jacob said, entirely lost. Lance shrugged, letting out a tired sigh.

“They were from Greyfox the Mystic to Thargrim the Difficult..” Lance explained, and when Jacob cocked his head, he went on with a defeated tone, “My LARPing character and Ed’s..”

“So it was all fake?” Jacob realized.

“Yes, Ed and I are best friends in real life, I’d never hurt him! I-I just c-c-can’t believe he’s really d-dea-a-ad! OH G-GODS the m-mighty Thargrim has fallen!!” He sobbed. Jacob sat there awkwardly for a minute, shifting uncomfortably as the lanky man sobbed in grief. Finally he decided to just leave Lance to his grieving.

“So what do you think?” The sheriff greeted Jacob as he closed the door behind him.

“The texts were a roleplay between his and Ed’s characters. Apparently the two are friends in real life, but mad at eachother in the ‘LARP’.”

“You think he got mad enough to kill Lance?”

“I doubt it, the man’s completely torn up about it. Those were definitely not crocodile tears.” Jacob deduced.

    “I’m guessing he has no clue about a suspect then?” Jacob shook his head.

    “Well call me if you find any-” Jacob started pulling out a card with his number on it, when all the sudden there was a shout of alarm down the hall from the interrogation room. Jacob followed the officer at a slower pace towards the sound for the sake of the brothers in his pocket.

    They rounded the corner into a surveillance room, a woman hurried towards them.

    “It’s Lance! He’s dying!” She exclaimed as she ran by, both Jacob and the officer in tow.

   She fumbled to unlock the door, and swung it open as fast as she could. It was oddly quiet in the room. Jacob peered in and cursed under his breath. The lifeless body of Lance laying dead on the floor.

   “Shit. Can you show me the surveillance tapes?” Jacob asked grimly.

   “Uh-huh follow me.” Jacob followed her back to the surveillance room, and she rewinded the tape to show just Lance sitting there, crying softly.

   All the sudden he scratched his arm and pulled up the sleeve, Jacob peered closer there was a marking on his arm that he couldn’t quite work out. Lance coughed violently, then again. The hand he had held over his mouth pulled away, covered in thick red blood.

    Lance screamed and stood turning to look into the mirror of the one way glass. From where the camera pointed, Jacob could see in the mirror that the lanky LARPer’s mouth was smeared with blood. Another cough splattered dark blood across the mirror, before he screamed his last, and fell to the floor.

    “God forbid he was contagious! I’m going to wash my hands!” The sheriff rushed out the door.

    The young teen paled. “I’m going to need that hard drive,” he dead panned, knowing Sam and Dean would want to see it.

     After securing the hard drive, Jacob wasted no time getting back into the privacy of the Impala.

    He helped the brothers up onto his shoulder, and recounted as much as he could. As expected, both brothers wanted to see the video when they got back to the motel.


Author’s Note: Sorry this is a bit short, I am very busy with play practice and felt bad for not updating fast. So I just decided on uploading what I had. Hope you all had a fun time over the weekend!