Story name guessed!

wolfie180g  asked:

Trtn – the road to nowhere?

Ooo, what a great first guess for this! You nailed it!

While Brothers Lost began with The Road Not Taken, their first season will wrap up with The Road to Nowhere– named for a very real place that I once knew (though this story is not placed near the original road to nowhere).

This story will edge towards the Bittersweet Parting style of season ending, instead of the kind of season ending we got with Taken… Take that as you will.

We haven’t gotten around to finishing up our current excerpted stories and moving on to this one because… well… @nightmares06 has plain run out of energy most days, so an excerpt a day has become too much for her, and she’s contemplating other options to continue on with story peeks, so expect news for how it will change soon. The other sneak peeks that come from people guessing our plans or story names/au names won’t change at all, just the daily posts.

Naturally, a correctly guessed story name will net you a peek at this in-progress work!

Sam stared at Dean, and Dean stared back at Sam.

There had been a tiny voice, just at the edge of hearing, but neither of them had made any noise. They were both fully in view, with only the sounds of an empty parking lot accompanying Sam while he emptied the Impala, left for the morning after their late night check-in.

As it sunk in, Sam shut the door behind him and Dean chucked his towel into the bathroom sink, both reacting to a possible threat in the area.

A splash of movement down by the table legs caught Dean’s eyes, and he sidled around the wall, signaling for Sam to take the opposite side.

Sam got into position, and Dean dove his hands at the table leg, aiming to catch the unknown creature in their room.

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