Site updates

Hello everyone! It’s time for an official update, to let everyone know what we’ve been working on behind-the-scenes here at!

In-progress projects:

As far as Brothers Lost is concerned, I recently realized that we are actually working on the second season finale! As it happens, there are more than enough stories for two seasons, and we have another part in the story that can be considered a change in the dynamic. The first season finale occurs at It’s a Tall World After All, and that story will definitely result in the dynamic of the AU changing, just like it does in The Road to Nowhere.

Remember, we are always open for comments or messages! Feel free to send in any questions you may have, and the system is completely anonymous. There is no need to fill in the name or email fields if you want to stay anonymous.

On that note, since 98% of the blog is currently imported posts from the BA tumblr, please send me a message if you see any broken links! I am unable to go through each and every one myself, but I will prioritize any broken links that are found. Tumblr is infamous for breaking links.

Completed Projects:

New pages have been added to the site! You can now access the full list of published stories from the sidebar or main menu. These will list a description for each story we have posted online and links to the page you want to read them from.

Another page recently added is our Sneak Peeks! This will offer quick links to any future sneak peek of an upcoming story, easily found in the list. I have also added a list of all ‘retired’ sneak peeks– I.E. sneak peeks for stories that have already posted online, but remain archived in our system.

Prompts and Fanfiction created by our readers for the stories are the last two pages to be added to the site. Be sure to check them out!

If there are prompts, fanfiction or sneak peeks I have overlooked, send me a message and the link and I can see about adding it to the list.

Upcoming events:

There will be a week-long hiatus coming up at the end of January, when neon and night will be unavailable for vacation, but otherwise we’re looking forward to a fun year full of stories!

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