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Trtn – the road to nowhere?

Ooo, what a great first guess for this! You nailed it!

While Brothers Lost began with The Road Not Taken, their first season will wrap up with The Road to Nowhere– named for a very real place that I once knew (though this story is not placed near the original road to nowhere).

This story will edge towards the Bittersweet Parting style of season ending, instead of the kind of season ending we got with Taken… Take that as you will.

We haven’t gotten around to finishing up our current excerpted stories and moving on to this one because… well… @nightmares06 has plain run out of energy most days, so an excerpt a day has become too much for her, and she’s contemplating other options to continue on with story peeks, so expect news for how it will change soon. The other sneak peeks that come from people guessing our plans or story names/au names won’t change at all, just the daily posts.

Naturally, a correctly guessed story name will net you a peek at this in-progress work!

Sam stared at Dean, and Dean stared back at Sam.

There had been a tiny voice, just at the edge of hearing, but neither of them had made any noise. They were both fully in view, with only the sounds of an empty parking lot accompanying Sam while he emptied the Impala, left for the morning after their late night check-in.

As it sunk in, Sam shut the door behind him and Dean chucked his towel into the bathroom sink, both reacting to a possible threat in the area.

A splash of movement down by the table legs caught Dean’s eyes, and he sidled around the wall, signaling for Sam to take the opposite side.

Sam got into position, and Dean dove his hands at the table leg, aiming to catch the unknown creature in their room.

Refurbishing Jacob! He gets a new hoodie! or…. Repo-ing Jacob? take that back! Resplendent Jacob! he is dashing isn’t he? Raunchy Jacob – he curse. Reticent Jacob – he very sorry and timid Recon Jacob – he run. Re-positioned Jacob – he moved. Rappelling Jacob – he slide. Reggae Jacob – he funky. Rested Jacob – he sleep

Lol! What color hoodie should he get?? I think his usual orange might stand out a bit too much during hunts. Green? Black? 

Good tries! We haven’t had a winner yet, so keep on going!

Eye of the Beholder

( A work of fanfiction for Brothers Apart, created by wolfie180g over on Archive of Our Own ( @wolfie180g ) )

Archive of Our Own || Deviantart

Just a short one shot of what happens after a ghost hunt involving a haunted mirror that shatters and Dean’s got a bit of it stuck in his eye. Sam’s the only one that can dig it out with his tiny fingers. They are tiny due to the fact that Sam is only four inches tall.

King Me

( A work of fanfiction for Brothers Apart, created by wolfie180g over on Archive of Our Own ( @wolfie180g ) )

Archive of Our Own || Deviantart

Sam and Dean get back to the motel with a couple of six packs from the ghost hunt where Dean got a bit of glass in his eye that Sam removed. Sam is currently 4 inches tall due to a curse, so he was perfect for the delicate job. They find a small travel sized board game box with a checkered board inside and decide to have some fun playing checkers and chess. It devolves into playful shenanigans.

One of Jacob’s friends surprises him at the hotel since it’s been awhile since they saw him last. getting the location from his worried mother. He’s got to figure out a way to explain the sudden appearance of sprites without wings in motel rooms.

Dean and Bobby Loran would be the worst mixing of characters, especially a smol Dean with Bobby. Someone’s gonna get hurt if Jacob isn’t there to help.

Considering in the motel sprites au Jacob’s friends at least know about sprites (and they know he Will Punch someone who threatens them too much), they might hesitate. Chase would definitely be more chill about it, and most likely just heckle Dean with innocent teasing. Bobby Loran, though, even if he’s learned a thing or two about respecting smol folk, needs to be watched more closely.

Of those three human dorks, Bobby would be likely to learn Dean’s mantra of “You grab, I stab” very quickly. For once it’s not Jacob getting slashed.



The Dragon At Knights Inn

My deviantart fanfic entry for Nightmares06′s 1017 contest is now finished! Check it out!
123456 words in 15 chapters and about a dozen universes all colliding together in one hot mess. Sam and Sam and Dean and Oscar and Sam and Bowman and Jacob and Dean and Sam and John Watson and Sherlock Holmes and Sam and Dean and Gabriel and Dean and Sam and Jacob etc etc etc… all try to make sense of this strange phenomena involving every door and thresh hold they pass through, and try to help each other out, find a way back home, and in the end, Gank a terrible monster before it kills again.
It’s a wild ride start to finish!

For more information on the universes and stories you can check out the masterpost of stories here

For the 2017 Brothers Apart tumblr entry that’s finished, feel free to check it out here
It’s called Brothers Transposed. Borrower Sam and his human brother Dean swap bodies!


My knack? well, I like to think I can draw/paint fairly well so all of the bolt holes would be camouflaged like crazy. A sheet of paper stuck to the wall that looks like just a random section of foot board. Hiding in plain sight. I had an aluminum camper once that I painted to look like a log cabin. Nearly everyone that commented said they thought it was real wood and wanted to touch it to make sure. :D

It’s a great way to protect your entrances and exits, yet still make them wide enough to use! Plus I’m sure there’s plenty of ways you can put an ability like that to use…

What would your knack be? Let us know!

afin – Dean managed to save Sam from the spell, but Sam didn’t manage to rescue him before John took him away. Dean either manages to escape the hexbag or ran from Walt and Mallory. Either way he tries to ask a human for help, only to end up captured and shipped to England. He didn’t gets his hands on a paperclip, so he meets Stan either as he’s put on sale or kept in a tank by his new owner







Getting closer, but Dean never saved Sam from the curse in this one! Sam is currently MIA, with Dean having only a vague notion of where his brother is.

The rest is approaching the mark. This story is all based on a picture by @wolfie180g that we took and changed a bit to fit our idea of an angsty AU of wtf, and the world they live in isn’t the same as you’ll find in Brothers Consulted. Not by a long shot, especially for people like Dean.

this one?

Lawl, Stan and Dean are not hooking up (or hugging), and there is far less happy in the other pic the story is based on.

so none of this?

XD XD None of that 

Cas feels left out

I’ll just wait here then…

so bored without the bae…

Dean… you’ll live. At least you get to be in the super cool new story! (totes not jealous)

Should I say it?

Stan is the new Cas

Without wings tho. And no halo. Just your everyday secret agent man, wandering the stores…