Character Profile: John Watson


Name: John Hamish Watson

Age: 37

Height: 5′6″ || 3.47″

Species: Human

Eye Color: Blue-grey

Hair Color: Sandy blond

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Trained as an Army doctor at St. Bart’s Hospital, John can break every bone in your body while naming them. His combat training is sharp, his reflexes quick, and he’s an expert marksman. Knows Morse code, and won’t hesitate to pull rank if he needs to (Captain John Watson does have a nice ring to it).

Background: After a three year tour in Afghanistan, John returned to London and soon met the mysterious Sherlock Holmes, who seemed to know everything about him. He was drawn in by curiosity and the detective’s promise of danger, and soon they were an inseparable pair.

As pointed out by Mycroft Holmes, John is an adrenaline junkie and misses the fast-paced action of war, but he has a heart of gold and can’t sit idly by while people need help. He’s well-settled with his action-packed life with Sherlock, and adding on a pair of Winchesters will only increase the drama.

Quotes: Christ, send the man a ruddy email and let me sleep!

Artwork by @mogadeer

Character Profile: Sherlock Holmes


Name: William Sherlock Scott Holmes

Age: 33

Height: 6′0″ || 3.79″

Species: Human

Eye Color: Blue-green

Hair Color: Black

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Heightened powers of observation and deduction. Stores memories, factoids, and any possibly useful information in a “mind palace”. Moderately versed in defensive combat (as well as most subjects and practices he finds useful). Has a degree in Chemistry, which he utilizes forensically, and plays the violin skillfully when he’s thinking.

Background: Sherlock’s path to becoming the world’s only consulting detective began when he was a schoolchild, kicking up a fuss about the death of Carl Powers, later revealed to be a murder. Later on, his unusual skills in deduction and observation married to his degree in chemistry and his morbid fascination with the human body and its weaknesses made him the ideal candidate to be consulted by the police for particularly baffling cases. 

He thinks logically and understands humanity to the point that he grasps patterns in their behavior, but he is clueless on an individual, social basis. He effortlessly, usually unintentionally, infuriates people and declares himself a high-functioning sociopath, though his is mostly to stave off the insinuation that he’s a psychopath.

Quotes: I applaud you for your maturity!

Artwork by @mogadeer

Character Profile: Krissy Vent


Name: Krissy Vent


23 (One year older than Sam)

Height: 5′5″ || 3.4″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Pale green

Hair Color: Light brown

Gender: Female

Known Abilities: Very motherly with Sean, Krissy has had to act older than she is for years before she took in the newly cursed human. Though she has a phobia of humans, she does go through the vents to watch for any worrisome happenings at the motel.

Background: The only daughter of Brennan and Katrine Vent, Krissy had to grow up fast when her dad was lost and her mother fell into a spiral of depression. She has raised her younger brother, Bennet, almost on her own, often assisted by Sam when he lived in the motel, and more recently Walt, who took Krissy’s family as his own.

Quote: What do you mean ‘your brother?’ You don’t have a brother.

Artwork by Heartstores

Character Profile: Nixie


Name: Nixie

Age: Immortal 

Height: 3.7″ 

Species: Water sprite of aeternum

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black turning to blue

Gender: Female

Known Abilities: As with all water sprites, Nixie is drawn to the magic of protection and healing more than destruction. If given a source of freshwater, she is able to heal any wound or sickness; the fresher the water, the more effective the magic. If the water has been processed it will do nothing.

She is able to gather the water from the environment around her and turn it to her bidding. From this water, she can form a shield around herself or others, or freeze the water into spikes to attack with. She can purify poisoned waters, and has enough power in her to purify a source the size of the Great Lakes.

Her magic is bound in the ichor in her wings, if they are broken she is powerless. If she is attacked, she can’t be killed, but she can be mortally wounded. If hit with a powerful enough attack, she can be reduced to water vapor, and without the help of her sisters, it would take her a hundred years to reform.

She has the telepathic ability of empathy, and knows the emotions of all around her. This can’t be turned off, so at times the water sprites will seek solitude in their forest in order to focus themselves inward.

Background: Nixie was brought to life by the gods to serve a purpose in aeternum. To the care of the water sprites was given Lityerses and the necklace that contains the power of the Golden Touch. They watched over their erstwhile brother and he watched them back until he found a way to break through and escape back to earth.

Water sprites like Nixie can be summoned by any human, and often strike bargains. They are also prepared to come if any of the gods call to restore the balance of Nature on earth.

Quote: I must make sure the human world is not threatened by us, sister. Forbidden or not, I must help.

Artwork by Globfish

Character Profile: Ilyana


Name: Ilyana, born of Ilia


Height: 3.9″

Species: Aeternum fire sprite

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Black turning to red

Gender: Female

Known Abilities: Fire sprites lack the finesse of their older water sprite sisters, but this doesn’t mean they’re weak. They have the ability to control fire in all its forms, going so far as to infringe on the realm of the earth sprites to control the lava of their volcano itself. Adding to this, they have powerful minds, able to bend others to their will.

Partnered with the fire sprites are the fire drakes, small lizards found in the volcano wasteland of aeternum. Ever since their bonding, the fire drakes were given wings and fire sprites slowly grow closer to their friends, gradually growing out their own matching tails and scales as they age.

Background: Ilyana is only two years old, and easily influenced by others. Celeste reaches out to her, offering the one thing the fire sprites want most– immortality– in exchange for Sam Winchester.

Quote: Submit now, before you are destroyed as well. I do not wish to harm a sister, but I am bound to this task and will not be stopped.

Artwork by @foolscapper

Character Profile: Cerul Elanwyn


Name: Cerul Elanwyn

Age: 39 (at the present of Sam of Wellwood)

Height: 3.7″

Species: Wood Sprite

Eye Color: Tarnished gold

Hair Color: Pastel green

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Cerul is gifted with the Voice of the Spirit. Among wood sprites, this is the strongest connection to the Earth Spirit someone could have. It grants him the ability to feel the emotions and pain of living things around him, as well as unparalleled stamina when making use of the Spirit’s magic. He can employ the Healing Touch.

Background: When Cerul was a young sprite, he received the revelation that he was gifted with the Voice. Ever since then, he has made sure to hone and practice his Prayers and listen closely to the feelings of those around him. A wood sprite with the Voice takes on the responsibility of caring for their community, and Cerul’s quiet, patient personality suited this.

He earned his title of Far Seeing among the nobility for two main reasons. One being his empathy from the Voice, enabling him to see far into the hearts of others. The second reason came when he used his insight to notice the trees of the forest preparing for harsh winter, and  gained the sprites a very necessary look ahead to the time to come, and minimized the damage it could have done to the village.

Quote: We respect wolves and owls for their ways of life, do we not? As much as that means we must avoid such predators, we do not blame them for surviving.

Artwork by @mogadeer

Character Profile: Scar Wolfblind


Name:  Scar Wolfblind

Age: 37 (In present day of Sam of Wellwood)

Height: 3.75″

Species: Wood Sprite

Eye Color: Dark green

Hair Color: Dark green

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Master of strategizing against much larger foes, sword master, aerial acrobatics, basic Prayer to the Earth Spirit, able to keep a battle calm against tough enemies

Background: Scar is the High Knight of Wellwood, and he didn’t get his position lying around. In his early years as a knight, he showed aptitude and skill with the sword and a strong drive to protect the sprites from the dangers that might arrive in the forest. This drive aided in his fight against a wolf that had killed a few sprites, and the animal was left completely blind as a result. Scar earned his name as well as monumental respect from the others in the village.

In Sam of Wellwood, it was Scar who first found the lost and frightened young Sam Winchester directly after his curse. He brought the boy back to the village and soon after was driven to help him find his family. When Sam grew a little older, Scar noticed his strength and drive to make more of himself, and from then on took Sam under his wing as a new knight in training.

Quote: The enemy is strong, and he is dangerous, but he will be strong and dangerous whether we cower and doubt ourselves or fly out to meet him.

I know what I’d rather do!

Artwork by @mogadeer

Character Profile: Oscar


Name: Oscar (He doesn’t know his last name)

Age: 20 (He’s 2 years younger than Sam)

Height: 3.25″ at the most

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: One of the sneakiest littles around owing partially to his small frame, pretty accomplished climber (though not as speedy as Sam thanks to his shorter body), weaving and sewing clothes that are easier for the small folk to move around in

Oscar is a survivor, and has made it to adulthood despite the odds saying he shouldn’t.

Background: Oscar grew up in a little motel in Breckenridge, Colorado. He never knew his father, and his mother never talked about him. His mother was teaching him the skills he needed to survive at their size, but when he was around seven years old, she went out for supplies and never returned. After that, Oscar had to pick up his learning on his own, going out for supplies and food by himself despite his extremely timid nature. He never grew out of that, but he became very good at surviving despite the bad luck thrown at him.

Quote: Why… why are you hanging around with a human?

Th-the thunder’s a lot louder out here than in the walls.

Artwork by Heartstores

Character Profile: Bowman Leafwing


Name: Bowman Leafwing

Age: 19 as of A Lich of Sense

Height:  4″

Species: Wood sprite

Eye Color: Bright green

Hair Color: Pine green

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Expert in flight and aerial acrobatics, forest camouflage, very sassy even when it is dangerously bold of him, basic Prayer to the Earth Spirit

Background: Bowman hails from Wellwood, a very isolated settlement of wood sprites situated so deep in a Midwestern forest that they had forgotten about the existence of human beings entirely. A year before his introduction to the BA-verse in A Lich of Sense, he met Jacob Andris, a human out on a camping trip with his friends. The result of Jacob being the first human to meet a Wellwood sprite in years can be found in the full story of Fairy Tales: Bowman of Wellwood.

Bowman spent all of his time growing up loving to fly. The moment his wings were big enough to carry him off the ground, he started practicing. At that point, his practice with his Prayers took a backseat, making his finesse with Life magic far underdeveloped compared to some others. However, it also means he is a very accomplished flyer, the fastest in Wellwood. He won’t let anyone forget it, either.

Quote: You want my first guess, or maybe we should sit around and brainstorm on it? It was a wolf, you idiot. What was wrong with it is a much better question.

Artwork by @lamthetwickster

Character Profile: Mikael Foyer


Name: Mikael Foyer

Age: 62

Height: 5′11″ || 3.75″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Gold

Hair Color: Grey

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Keeps a steady head in trying times and very good at both calming Christian down and keeping Kara in check. He’s become a consistent part of their family in recent years to the point where Kara considers him “Uncle Mikael!.”

Very adept with first aid, helped Sam with his broken arm.

Background: After losing his wife to a rat, he took to staying with Christian and Kara to help care for things. Both he and Christian lost their wives, Christian years ago and Mikael very recently. Things begin to go smoother for them when he starts living with them, at least until he’s taken by the humans first.


So, you’re brave, but pretty stupid.

Artwork by @lamthetwickster