Character Profile: Ilyana


Name: Ilyana, born of Ilia


Height: 3.9″

Species: Aeternum fire sprite

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Black turning to red

Gender: Female

Known Abilities: Fire sprites lack the finesse of their older water sprite sisters, but this doesn’t mean they’re weak. They have the ability to control fire in all its forms, going so far as to infringe on the realm of the earth sprites to control the lava of their volcano itself. Adding to this, they have powerful minds, able to bend others to their will.

Partnered with the fire sprites are the fire drakes, small lizards found in the volcano wasteland of aeternum. Ever since their bonding, the fire drakes were given wings and fire sprites slowly grow closer to their friends, gradually growing out their own matching tails and scales as they age.

Background: Ilyana is only two years old, and easily influenced by others. Celeste reaches out to her, offering the one thing the fire sprites want most– immortality– in exchange for Sam Winchester.

Quote: Submit now, before you are destroyed as well. I do not wish to harm a sister, but I am bound to this task and will not be stopped.

Artwork by @foolscapper

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