Can you tell me about your OC Noonia the dragon?


Sure! I’d love to!

Noonia is an OC that I made a few years back, when I was writing one of my spn g/t stories (The Schism of Fire and Water from the @brothersapart universe ). She’s the life partner of a fire sprite, Ilyana, and lives in the realm of the sprites with her. 

She only shows up a few times in that story, but I do have a follow-up story that will feature her a lot once it gets written. She’ll be making sure Ilyana’s newest incarnation doesn’t get into any trouble, and will be following that sprite (and their borrower buddy) around like a hawk.

For a dragon, she’s actually only a few inches big, so she’s just about big enough to carry a borrower on her back! 

@justanothergiant actually helped redesign her for me, I’m a big fan of how she ended up looking!

Of course, if you have a dragon following you around, be sure not to ignore her too long…

Let me know if you want to hear more about her or anyone else!

Arts by @justanothergiant and @lamthetwickster~

The Schism of Fire and Water

(Story 8 of the Brothers Apart series and the beginning of Season Two)

After two months spent waiting for Sam’s arm to heal, both brothers are getting cabin fever. An unusual string of natural disasters a state over gets them back on the road with a unique case.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Walt Watch, Kara Bolt, Bobby Singer, Nixie, Ilyana, Noonia

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Artwork by @ittybittysketches!

This one required much deep thought, so it took a little longer to answer compared to normal.

( @nightmares06‘s type is INFP )

Walt Watch– ESTJ

He is not actively social, but he is action-oriented. If something’s about to happen, he’s going to be there whether he wants to or not. He has a strong sense of duty (including to his more gigantic family members he seems to pick up), and will take charge if it is needed.

Not adventurous at all, but gets dragged into adventures anyway.

Nixie/Ilyana– Impossible to determine

Neither sprite is human, and their personalities, though clashing, each lack something that humans have in them. Nixie is an empath but lacks any decisive abilities. Her life is following orders, whether it be through a summons or through a binding spell. This often makes her more of an automaton than any human would be. Ilyana, on the other hand, lacks empathy and understanding for anyone who isn’t a sprite. She and the other fire sprites are sociopathic, but only to non-sprites.

Moira Wainscot– INFJ

Warm and understanding, her curiosity and desire to grow coincides well with her older adopted brothers. They enjoy teaching her what they can as much as she wants to learn it.

Sometimes, her determination is stronger than their stubbornness.

( @neonthewrite is I and F, but landed in the middle between S/N and J/P )

Jacob Andris– INFP

Jacob is friendly, but he doesn’t necessarily seek out new people spontaneously. He’s very go-with-the-flow, and he’s far for perceptive than people might first think from looking at him. He’s loyal and makes an effort to be calm and patient with people. He embodies chill.

Bowman Leafwing– ES(T/F)P

Bowman’s harder to pin down as far as MBTI types go. He’s brash and loud and quite willing to jump into an argument, with a lot of focus on the here and now, the concrete facts that he has available to him. Even so, he’s flexible and able to take in new information well, even if he grumbles about it. He’s a good problem solver, and tenacious as all get out.

Oscar the OC– INFJ

Despite having such a similar type to Jacob, Oscar has some key differences. He’s much more dependent on some form of organization to keep himself grounded, and he’s afraid of new people in most cases. Even so, he idealizes the thought of being calm, even if he’s very much not. Keeping structure in his life is paramount to his emotional well-being.

( @borrowedtimeandspace is IN(F/T)P )

Stan Baker– ENFJ

He is a natural and inspirational leader, and makes friends easily, particularly with people he works with. He reads people well, sees their inner potential, and does what he can to bring that potential to fruition. Full of warmth and empathy, he sees emotional needs in others and often is the one to help them through it and learn to grow from it.

Phoenix: Whose character exactly is Noonia?
nightmares06: Mine
nightmares06: She’s from aeternum
Neon: She’s featured very briefly in the story with Ilyana
nightmares06: She was Ilyana’s life companion and is now bound to Elenia

Character Profile: Ilyana


Name: Ilyana, born of Ilia


Height: 3.9″

Species: Aeternum fire sprite

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Black turning to red

Gender: Female

Known Abilities: Fire sprites lack the finesse of their older water sprite sisters, but this doesn’t mean they’re weak. They have the ability to control fire in all its forms, going so far as to infringe on the realm of the earth sprites to control the lava of their volcano itself. Adding to this, they have powerful minds, able to bend others to their will.

Partnered with the fire sprites are the fire drakes, small lizards found in the volcano wasteland of aeternum. Ever since their bonding, the fire drakes were given wings and fire sprites slowly grow closer to their friends, gradually growing out their own matching tails and scales as they age.

Background: Ilyana is only two years old, and easily influenced by others. Celeste reaches out to her, offering the one thing the fire sprites want most– immortality– in exchange for Sam Winchester.

Quote: Submit now, before you are destroyed as well. I do not wish to harm a sister, but I am bound to this task and will not be stopped.

Artwork by @foolscapper

Bringer of Eternity


(Ilyana chosen for the character with none given)

AU: Brothers Apart

Timeline: During The Schism of Fire and Water, before Sam finds her in the kitchen

Ilyana let her hands brush restlessly against her arms, the hot skin cooled rapidly by the falling temperature in the cold air of earth.

She suppressed a shiver, refusing to show fear as she waited in her place for the small hunter to come find her. The plan was designed and set by her summoner, the human witch whose fate she’d tied herself to. Herself and so many other sprites in the hopes of eternal life at last, like the ungrateful water sprites who lived eternal simply because of their tie to water.

The meeting with the witch was prominent in Ilyana’s mind. Dipping into the scrying pool by the volcano, listening to Noonia’s plaintive cries as the world around Ilyana changed from hot fire and rock to the darkened interior of a human house.

The candles burning around the summoning circle did little to warm the air. Summoning her sisters had helped a little, but for now the others waited to stop the larger hunter, Dean, setting a trap for him upstairs while Ilyana waited for her Sam down.

She heard a metallic thunk behind her seat, over at the edge of the counter, and smiled. Soon, Sam would be hers and she could return to her fiery home triumphant. The hero of the fire sprites, bringer of eternity.

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Artwork by @lamthetwickster


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I’m still open for word prompts if anyone else feels like sending one in! See the post here.

Choose a number and an OC of mine and send it in! OCs listed in the tags below.

Already done:

36. New – Walt

45. Dreaming – Bree

55. Rainbow – Alyssa

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