I’m still open for word prompts if anyone else feels like sending one in! See the post here.

Choose a number and an OC of mine and send it in! OCs listed in the tags below.

Already done:

5. Wish – Nixie

13. Snow – Kara

21. Music – Krissy

23. Mallory – Flowers

36. New – Walt

45. Dreaming – Bree

55. Rainbow – Alyssa

58. Awaken – Arthur

68. Witchcraft – (Celeste chosen)

95. Pretend – Kara

@nightmares06 ran out of prompts XD

If anyone has prompts for Oscar or Jacob, remember to send them over to the right inbox! They are @neonthewrite‘s bbys.

All the prompts are scheduled to post to the blog without overwhelming it in a swarm, lol.

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