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Is Barry’s (Bardolph) knack Regeneration? In Out of the frying pan there are a lot of mentions that it’s a miracle he’s even alive and managed to survive everything, so I figured it’d likely be his knack. I tried to think of what Stan’s knack might be but the only thing that came to mind was animal empathy since his love for animals has been mentioned a few times :3 Also, was Sam’s knack in Brothers Found burned out:( ?

Aw, if only!

Poor little Barry does not have any advanced healing, and he’s going to go through a lot more before we see him next. There’s been a lot of dumb luck for him, and Garen’s convinced he won’t last long, while Xander is determined to get him through it.

Those three might eventually get knacks, but they were designed before I had any knacks for non-main characters in mind, so they’re currently ‘unknown’.

I still wonder if Captives will end up being story 20 like I thought… there’s been some restructuring of the story since then. Oh well, we’ll find out once the other stories are completed!

Stan’s knack is not animal empathy (he would… love that). He’s one of the characters with a hidden, unrevealed knack. Unless someone is lucky enough to guess what his special is!

At the end of Jacob in Wonderland, Sam’s knack hadn’t returned to him, and he has yet to find out if it’s burned out permanently or can recover.

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myimaginedairybeard asked:

(If I get anything wrong, please let me know)You said Destiel and Johnlock isn’t canon in the BA universe, so I get that there not gonna be together, but does that necessarily mean that all four of them are heterosexual?(Aside from whether it will actually show in the stories).I know you have quite a few lgbt OCs(Stan, Nathan, Chase, Jacob, did I miss anyone?), are there any other characters from the LGBT society? I love all your characters and your work is amazing! Thank for being so awesome!

Well, you’ve got it half right– two of the four are hetero!

Dean and John stick with strictly hetero relationships in the Brothers Apart multiverse, but Sherlock and Cas are another story.

As an angel of the Lord, Castiel in his angelic form is both agender and asexual. He does take on the attributes of his vessel if he inhabits them for long enough, so when Dean knows him he is a male, while he has also been a female in the distant past. Sherlock, as well, is asexual, married to his work more than any person he could fall in love with. 

As far as other characters that appear in the storylines that are on the LGBT spectrum, we do actually have quite a few others…

Celeste, like her younger brother Castiel, was agender and asexual, though in the past she has shown a liking for women, and has currently been inhabiting a vessel for several hundred years, giving her a female way of thinking as she picks up her vessel’s habits.

All aeternum sprites are strictly feminine. There are no males of their race (making Sam quite an odd sight for Nixie!), and they do have relationships with each other. The fire sprites especially, with the burning passion that they feel for all things. Air sprites as well, though those relationships tend to spark quickly and end fast. Water and earth are more subdued, but very committed partners.

The characters Bardolph and Xander (who appear in this short story, and will be appearing later on in Brothers Apart season 3), are a pair of borrowers that will also fit on the spectrum. Barry has no interest in women, and Xander is surprised to find out he’s interested in both men and women. They’re particular faves.

Barry and Xander, done by @dolphiana!

Adriana the witch is as straight as a lightning bolt, but not in a good way. She’s perfectly willing to use people, men or women, to further her cause. Relationships are no exception. 

Adriana of the Woods, by @mogadeer!


Yep, you got Jacob and Chase right! Jacob Andris is ace/aro, so he’d be less interested in dating and more interested in being your buddy. He’s a very good hugger and listener, so that’s a good combo right there. Chase Lisong is bisexual with no strong preference of any gender over another.

In addition to them, nearly every one of my sprites (including Bowman Leafwing) is biromantic/demisexual.

I also have Elias Dawn, a genderfluid/pansexual trickster that may someday make an appearance in the BA Multiverse!

Artwork by @therealbrigeedarocks

So I noticed that the human scientist from Out Of The Frying Pan and the one from A Burglary At Baker Street (at from what I could see from the sneak peaks), kind of resemble each other – blond, pale grey cold eyes, freaking EVIL… Are they the same guy? And if so, does that mean we’ll get to see Xander, Barry and Garen in Brothers Consulted?

The two scientists are unrelated, but good catch!

The scientist from Out of the Frying Pan belongs to @nightmares06 , while the one from A Burglary at Baker Street has been designed and created by @borrowedtimeandspace, so any resemblance is pure coincidence!

There’s no plans currently to bring Barry, Xander and Garen over to London, but who knows? We might see any characters from BA in BC if the story calls for it!

Lots of the little guys get mischievous from time to time all over the place. Whether they prank each other or any friendly humans relies on who’s around, but I can guarantee we’ve got more pranks coming up.

Whether it be a good idea or not, of course, depends on who they’re pranking.

I have nothing written for the field borrowers, but check out this little drabble from the future of BA:

Xander snorted, his hands tightening on the bucket of water he was holding against his chest. “You’re the one that’s always telling me to loosen up a little. You should take your own advice.”

“But Xander! ” Barry said, practically whining at this point in his desperation to get Xander to listen. He’d been steadfastly ignored for the last ten minutes of their trip. “What if he finds out it was us? Havin’ a drink with a human is one thing, prankin’ him is somethin’ else altogether!”

“We’ll be fine! ” Xander insisted, even as a small part of him flinched from the thought. “He won’t even know it was us, guaranteed.” He pointed ahead. “That branch is perfect. Look.”

The branch indicated hung several feet in the air, leaves gently rustling in the breeze. The most notable part of it currently was the fact it hung right above the immense, sleeping human.


I’m still open for word prompts if anyone else feels like sending one in! See the post here.

Choose a number and an OC of mine and send it in! OCs listed in the tags below.

Already done:

5. Wish – Nixie

13. Snow – Kara

21. Music – Krissy

23. Mallory – Flowers

36. New – Walt

45. Dreaming – Bree

55. Rainbow – Alyssa

58. Awaken – Arthur

68. Witchcraft – (Celeste chosen)

95. Pretend – Kara

@nightmares06 ran out of prompts XD

If anyone has prompts for Oscar or Jacob, remember to send them over to the right inbox! They are @neonthewrite‘s bbys.

All the prompts are scheduled to post to the blog without overwhelming it in a swarm, lol.

Be careful when you’re asking things on the internet, because the people on the other end will have no tone of voice or facial expressions to go on. All they have are the words in front of them to interpret, and that’s how the ask came across.

For the future of BA, there’s a few good plans in motion.

  • The story after Lich is completed and currently being edited (it feels so tiny compared to the collabs I’ve done. I have to remind myself that’s how long my stories usually are)
  • Both the little guys living at Trails West and the burrow at Bobby’s will appear again.
  • Barry, Xander and Garen are still trapped and are in need of a human to save them! (Short story introducing them found here) They will appear in a three-story special mini-series within BA itself.
  • Jacob’s feeling left out after missing out on all the fun in Lich, so there will be another appearance of Bowman and the earthbound sprites in BA!
  • Aeternum sprites will return when Sam and Dean least expect with an entirely new sprite that they never expected to see.

Art commissioned from QuakeArts!

For people Sam’s size, any type of pesticide would be devastating. If they get caught by surprise, they’d die. If they caught wind of the pest control before it happened, they’d have to relocate. Even after pest control is gone, the little guys live deep in the nooks and crannies of the motel so there might be poison lingering in the area that could either kill them or cause long term health complications and when you’re that size and have no access to a doctor, that’s something you’ll want to avoid.

Of course, relocating is a danger all on its own.

If you want to read about the little guys of mine that lived in a motel that did get hit by pest control, check out the following fic:

Out of the Frying Pan

Happy Anniversary!

It’s been over a year since Brothers Apart began to post online, and how far it’s come. There are eight complete stories, a slew of prompts, fanart and commissioned arts alike, and an entire tumblr dedicated to the world of four-inch Sam. Remember, it wouldn’t be here without all the support I get, between the comments, questions, reviews and just plain interest in the story, there would be no reason for me to write! Keep the love coming and I’ll keep the stories coming

For the surprise, I’m pleased to present my short story, Out of the Frying Pan. At first glance it may seen completely unrelated, but you will be seeing these three characters again in the future of Brothers apart. Specifically, season three. The short story actually occurs during the end of The Schism of Fire and Water. Now you know what Garen, Bardolph and Xander are dealing with even as Sam is ending the threat of the fire sprites.

If anyone’s interested, take a look back at where it all began: Brothers Apart

And of course, take a look towards where the story will be heading when we reach the season three story, Brothers Apart: Captives!

Out of the Frying Pan

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