Be careful when you’re asking things on the internet, because the people on the other end will have no tone of voice or facial expressions to go on. All they have are the words in front of them to interpret, and that’s how the ask came across.

For the future of BA, there’s a few good plans in motion.

  • The story after Lich is completed and currently being edited (it feels so tiny compared to the collabs I’ve done. I have to remind myself that’s how long my stories usually are)
  • Both the little guys living at Trails West and the burrow at Bobby’s will appear again.
  • Barry, Xander and Garen are still trapped and are in need of a human to save them! (Short story introducing them found here) They will appear in a three-story special mini-series within BA itself.
  • Jacob’s feeling left out after missing out on all the fun in Lich, so there will be another appearance of Bowman and the earthbound sprites in BA!
  • Aeternum sprites will return when Sam and Dean least expect with an entirely new sprite that they never expected to see.

Art commissioned from QuakeArts!

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