I’m rereading Brothers Apart, for the millionth time, and I was wondering what would have happened if Bowman didn’t end up saving Sam from getting bitten by the spider? If Bowman and Dean were having to work together without Sam or with a very injured Sam, how would that have worked out?

Dean would desperately work to save Sam, and all thoughts of the case would be thrown out if he saw his little brother in such a bad position. He’d try and get Bowman to help him, his little brother is hurt, what if he dies…

Bowman, on the other hand, would be quite willing to help (which is why he shoved Sam away from the spider in the first place), but if he’s got a very intense and possibly accusing Dean on his case he might get flustered. He knows some of the right plants to help with a bite, but in the end his skill isn’t enough to do much healing so Sam would have to wait it out. At this stage, there’s no way Bowman could trust Dean enough to bring him to the village.

Remember Bothering Bowman, when Dean and Bowman argued in actual circles? It’s just how they make friends when there’s no Sam providing mediation. 

What would happen if you got Bowman and Nixie together? I know Bowman is already skeptical about her being a sprite from his conversation with Sam in A Lich of Sense…

Nixie would be amused by her volatile, younger cousin. She might not be connected to the sprites that the Earth Spirit created, but she would treat them as she would any other sprite. She would love to see the village, and is especially fond of forests and streams.

I can see her and Rischa getting along great, sharing experiences about their empathy abilities. Rischa would love to get some tips from Nixie about how to handle it, especially if people are feeling a lot of really strong emotions.

Bowman, meanwhile, would be baffled and wary of this new sprite. She definitely doesn’t look like what he’d expect a water sprite to look like. Rischa why are you being so friendly with her. What if she’s dangerous.

A Lich of Sense

(Story 10 of the Brothers Apart series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

What happens when you have Winchesters in the Wellwood? A bad day for Bowman Leafwing, as an encounter with a certain hunter and his brother goes awry, and zombie wolves move into the forest.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bowman Leafwing

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Artwork by @ghostquack!

As stated in the notes of the story, Brothers Found came about directly after A Lich of Sense was completed, when we were bouncing around story ideas and doing ‘mini-rps’ in Skype that we’d just randomly scrap and start anew.

When this one began to take form more than the others, and gave birth to the idea of the horror story, instead of scrapping it, redoing probably over a hundred thousand words and losing all momentum for the horror story, we simply moved the rp from Skype to google docs for editing, and cleaned it up.

(That was! A lot of hard work! Don’t use Skype for rps!)

Brothers Found = Brothers Apart if Jacob came into it first. No more, no less. Until we stumbled over the idea for the horror story and the story grew into its own. And remember– this AU was the first we created and you have these stories to thank for all the others that came after.

So enjoy the nuggets. We never promised this was anything else.


That’s probably the first time I’ve heard that reaction to any of our stories XD Better watch out with them, they might be on their way to discovering what vore is (one of the parts of g/t I initially had a phobia of and now don’t mind at all), and sending off all the characters they write to a quick end.

I’m glad to hear you like our story enough to share! Apparently it wasn’t violent enough for them XD Eating all the sprites. Bowman would be offended.


To say the least. Bowman would have to avoid these nieces of yours on principal, because they sound like a lot of trouble for the poor sprites. Not for eating!

A Lich of Sense took place in late summertime, just over a year after Sam and Dean first met. So it was very close to fall, but the leaves were not yet turning colors, leaving Bowman’s vivid green wings a perfect camouflage for him when he was trying to hide from Dean.

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Adrift from the Pack


Definitely an interesting one, anon! Had to take a stab at it.

AU: Brothers Apart

Timeline: during A Lich of Sense 

She was tired. The wolf didn’t feel pain anymore from the wounds that had killed her, but she could feel fatigue. After days of wandering, things were no clearer than before.

The alpha had sent her to find something, but she didn’t really understand the mission.

She wanted to rest. She had earned it, but the alpha had other plans for her. There was no going against the alpha. Her search went on without need for food or water to rejuvenate her body. Something else held her together, keeping her dirty, matted fur and decaying muscles in the shape needed to run, to hunt. It didn’t seal the bite marks on her flanks and throat, but filled the old, stinking flesh with vigor.

Scents carried on the wind, subtle things that brought her no clues to her goal. Nothing in the rustling of the leaves brought news of the search being over at last. The alpha wanted something, needed it. And she was to find it for him.

The hunt was still on. She had to continue.

It had been a long time since she felt the call of the alpha in her head. She had wandered out of range of the raspy, gurgling howls of the rest of the pack. They were all tired, but they couldn’t go against the alpha.

She panted as she loped across an open field, body tucked low in the waves of grass and dragging a stiff back leg. Part of her wondered if she had misinterpreted the instructions the alpha gave her last. The woods were thinning out and the small of human filled her nose more and more.

Grass and moss, and mud between her toes. A gentle breeze that offered no comfort to her, a wolf awake when she shouldn’t be. Lost from her pack, her new alpha. Had to keep looking.

The small creatures the alpha wanted weren’t out here. She knew as well as any wolf that they were hard to find. More often than not, they weren’t even worth hunting, with small bodies little more than a mouthful.

Maybe they’d be good fare for a fox, but a wolf?! Never. It wasn’t smart, not when the little things could fight back as fiercely as they did.

The weary, wretched she-wolf reached the other end of the field at last and paused to look back. She was far away from the last place she ever planned to lie down and sleep. Her forever rest was well behind her, the alpha’s mission ever ahead. Even if she couldn’t feel him anymore.

The hunt went on and on and on.

For the safety of Bowman and the other wood sprites of Wellwood, I’ve chosen not to disclose this information. 😉

The closest approximation I can give you is the American Midwest. It’s definitely a familiar sort of place for the Winchesters, since they seem to spend a lot of their time in the middle of the country. I’m sure I’ve dropped clues in the various AUs we have written so far, but I will not be able to confirm or deny any guesses. Sorry, anon!

Well, since I don’t know what you’ve read I can’t tell you what you’ve missed, but I do recommend reading the ending chapters. There is a very pivotal chapter that happens after the fight with the lich, along with important developments between Sam and Dean.

The story isn’t going anywhere, and the next story that posts has no relation to A Lich of Sense, so there’s plenty of time to read it!