What would happen if you got Bowman and Nixie together? I know Bowman is already skeptical about her being a sprite from his conversation with Sam in A Lich of Sense…

Nixie would be amused by her volatile, younger cousin. She might not be connected to the sprites that the Earth Spirit created, but she would treat them as she would any other sprite. She would love to see the village, and is especially fond of forests and streams.

I can see her and Rischa getting along great, sharing experiences about their empathy abilities. Rischa would love to get some tips from Nixie about how to handle it, especially if people are feeling a lot of really strong emotions.

Bowman, meanwhile, would be baffled and wary of this new sprite. She definitely doesn’t look like what he’d expect a water sprite to look like. Rischa why are you being so friendly with her. What if she’s dangerous.

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