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In Brothers Found, Bowman was found by 2 humans and 1 tiny, what if they (Sam, Dean and Jacob) were all human size and Bowman was the only one his size? And BTW your stories are so awesome.

Well, for starters, all three giants would likely get bitten at least once (and Dean probably more than once). Bowman doesn’t carry any weapons and he may be a pacifist, but he’s not afraid to act in whatever defense he can. That includes chomping on any fingers that get in the way, and also slinging as many insults as he can.

He covers his fear with snark, and being caught by three giants– all of them big dudes even among humans– would really scare the poor sprite. He’d be snarking up a storm, but they’d also probably be able to see how wired he was. Especially if they decided to take him out of the forest; he would be fighting that every step of the way and they’d have a very frantic sprite on their hands.

Most likely, Jacob would be on babysitting duty for the sprite. He’d mind all the biting the least, and would keep Bowman out of the more experienced hunters’ way until they could all regroup and find out more about him.

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I’m kinda curious, what would happen if Dean met Bowman before he was reunited with Sam? Would he shoot first and ask questions later? Or would he still realize that Bowman is a person and attempt to be gentle?

Dean often does shoot first, ask questions later. In this situation, though, Bowman’s a small enough threat that if Dean finds him, he’ll probably just grab the small and bitchy green leafy thing to find out what it is, and they’d end up sassing back and forth for ten years before getting anywhere useful (without Sam or Jacob, there is no one to break the circle of doom those two can get stuck in).

Dean might be a hunter, but he prefers to think through a case when it doesn’t make sense, and considering the worst this leafy green guy did was bite him, it doesn’t look as though he’s out here, slinging magic and turning wolves against campers. They’d have a very awkward relationship, but they might manage it!

Bowman would definitely make things interesting for him. The little guy hides his fears with yet more snark, so it wouldn’t be immediately obvious that he’s freaked out by this human wandering around with guns and huge blasted knives, grabbing the fastest sprite in Wellwood out of the air. Dean would get quite a tirade of sprite swears shouted at him, in between Bowman trying to kick him and bite him.

As soon as he gets out of the jar, he swears he’s gonna bop that giant into submission.

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After Jacob in Wonderland, did Jacob remain with Sam and Dean until his injuries (at least the big ones) healed or did he have to make up a story for his family and friends?

Jacob had some adjusting to do before he could let himself go home. He’s learned quite a bit about hiding big secrets ever since he joined the team, but there was a lot that happened in that story. He would be way too haunted and twitchy if he went home too soon.

Luckily, they happen to know a whole village of sprites that have healing magic. Jacob was mother-henned by the Winchester brothers at the end of the story (and probably after, too), and the sprites would be no different. Especially Rischa, who knew the depth of his trauma and pain the minute he came back to the village. She wouldn’t have told the brothers since he didn’t want them to worry even more, but she’s told Bowman enough for him to be able to help Jacob out.

After he got his injuries patched up enough, he went home to try to keep himself busy, but he found himself visiting Wellwood a lot more often after Wonderland.

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So I think that There’s No Place Like Home is actually talking about Bowman’s home. He needs some rescuing in the Bowman Lost stories (sob), and it makes me feel better to think that he will be rescued soon. And I will continue to think that until proven otherwise. Please..!!!

Well, as the title states, someone’s home will be in it… and it certainly won’t be Sam and Dean’s, since the closest they have to a home is the Impala…

Who else is suffering through Bowman Lost with me and @kajensen07? I’m reading this all for the first time as it’s posted! –nightmares06 

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Absolutely random question, what would happen if Bowman met a rather territorial/hungry swan (his wings do look like pretty fresh and appetizing leaves stuck to a twig)? It might not be nearly as fast and agile, but that hissing, white-feathered-snake-for-neck has some pretty strong, large, air displacing wings

Bowman would have to do his best to dart away from the blasted bird. How dare it hiss at him? It’s lucky he has a lot of practice handling harsh winds in flight, so he might be able to avoid being knocked off balance until he could get away from the thing. The angry honks would send him right into the canopy.

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Will jacob from Brothers Adopted gett to meet his friends again (Chase Bobby…)?

We haven’t planned for this yet, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. We’ve brought Chase in on another AU, and he is doing well there, so he’d be fun to bring into some others if the ideas came along.

Poor Jacob in Brothers Adopted might be nervous to try such a meeting, though. He’s accepted his curse, for the most part, but a part of it still stings. When he tried to reunite with his mother, he never expected her to reject him. He’d be worried about the same kind of response from his old friends, and might avoid the topic if it ever came up.

Bobby might be a little bit pushy at first, but Chase would stand up for his buddy. He’d be a good friend to Jacob like he always is.

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How often will Jacob be having flashbacks from his ptsd in wonderland? How would the others react? Also, how would smols in general react to a human having ptsd flashbacks?

Jacob will be dealing with the backlash from Wonderland for a bit. I imagine he won’t even realize, sometimes, that he’s doing something because of his trauma, because so much happened in such a condensed time. So even something like his mom casually snapping her fingers as she tries to remember something will send him out of a room, and wide open spaces will give him pause. He’ll throw himself into other things to keep his mind off of it (like learning Morse code with Sam). But it will come to a head eventually, and the others will find out.

Rischa knows he’s dealing with more than he wants to let on. She’s been kind enough not to mention it to Bowman yet.

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Ok weird question here, if the boys (Sam, Dean, Jacob, and Bowman) were made to live through and help each other face their worst fear, what would each fear be and how would the others react/help (this would be the absolute worst fear beyond what was already experienced in Jacob in Wonderland.) I was rewatching the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where they had to experience everyone’s worst nightmare, but nothing that happened was permanent at the end of the day and it made me curious.

  • Sam’s worst fear: Clowns

No matter what size Sam is, his honest-to-God worst fear will always be CLOWNS. He freezes up when he sees them, gets stuck in his head, and certainly isn’t going to like them anymore when he’s only a few inches tall!

(Hint: Do not take Sam to see the new IT movie)

Dean might screw up and tease Sam about it before realizing how serious it still bothers him. Sam might not even come out of the pocket he’s in if they’re around clowns or clown-like objects. 

  • Dean’s worst fear: Heights

Unlike Sam, Dean is often forced to confront his fear of heights head-on when he’s cursed. He’s only 3.8 inches tall, everything is high! Including his friends/brother! 

Dangling him is a terrible way to tease him, he’ll absolutely freak out and panic, and until he’s adjusted to spending time around giants, he’s leery of how high up a shoulder perch is. Don’t be surprised if you find him plastered to someone’s neck or completely hidden in a collar so he can’t look out. Pockets are welcome.

  • Bowman’s worst fear: Losing his wings

Bowman’s wings are his pride and joy. He’s worked so hard to build his skill and talent with flying, and it’s his ultimate catharsis. There’s almost no bad feeling that can’t be cured by going for a flight. If he lost that, he’d be stuck on the ground, looking up and remembering what he used to have. He’s fussy and meticulous about wing care so this doesn’t happen.

  • Jacob’s worst fear: Forgetting his dad

Jacob is aware that time is healing his grief, and he’s moved on and become the zen guy he is today after the death of his father (he was 8 at the time). However, he wants to keep honoring the man he was, and remembering him is part of that. Jacob is terrified of losing those memories, either by them becoming to hazy over time or by losing sight of himself. His dad inspired much of his current personality.

I loved the Bowman reacting to human music short! But what’s sprite’s music like? Do they use any kinds or instruments? What’s the closest type of human music to sprite music? And also – after discovering the human music, did Bowman decide yet how he feels towards it? (last one, couldn’t get this out of my head for quite some time now) would Bowman like the song “here comes the sun” ? What would be his favorite song?

A previous ask (sorry it took so long!) 

After Jacob showed Bowman some human music, are there songs that Bowman especially likes? What’s his type of music? Or favorite song? Is it “here comes the sun”?

Wood sprites, at least, have a couple instruments they prefer. They can make a sort of tambourine out of leaves wrapped around thin sticks, with seeds to add a rattling effect (or they could go simple and just make a drum). They can also make grass whistles and simple flutes, if they feel like praying them into shape; it’s delicate work to make a flute and not every sprite has the patience (Bowman, for example, has No Chill whatsoever).

With those instruments in mind, folk music would probably suit them the best. It’s also unusual for Wellwood sprites to have any lyrics to their music – they make up the songs as they go, and usually it just includes humming or plain vocalizing to mimic the wordless sounds of the woods around them.

Bowman is bemused by the lyrics and by the sounds of human music. A lot of it is made with instruments no one’s ever tried in Wellwood, or at least hasn’t in a long time. Stringed instruments would be his favorite “human music”, though Jacob probably didn’t try to explain to him how varied the sound of those can be. The sound of a plucked cello or violin are very pleasing to his ears. The guitar in Here Comes the Sun would be pretty fun for him, while the lyrics would bemuse him as much as any others.

I really really loved the A Little Change (the Bowman and Jacob size swap) and was wandering if you’re going to continue it? ^o^


I love that AU a lot, too! And I definitely plan to continue it and other stories like Chase In Lilliput. The explanation for why some of my projects slowed down this year can be found in this post. Now that my writing challenge is done, I plan to get back to some of those fun projects at last!

Will Bowman lost be continued?


It sure will! Right now chapters are posting on Thursdays in the afternoon (CST; I put them up sometime after work). If you want the gallery to keep an eye on it, here’s the deviantart link: x 

As of this ask, there are 4 chapters up so far.

Bowman Lost is an offshoot of the Brothers Lost AU made by @neonthewrite and @nightmares06. While that AU focuses on the miniature Sam and Dean Winchester and their very own Godzilla (Jacob Andris), Bowman Leafwing is nowhere to be found. Bowman Lost offers an explanation for that.