I loved the Bowman reacting to human music short! But what’s sprite’s music like? Do they use any kinds or instruments? What’s the closest type of human music to sprite music? And also – after discovering the human music, did Bowman decide yet how he feels towards it? (last one, couldn’t get this out of my head for quite some time now) would Bowman like the song “here comes the sun” ? What would be his favorite song?

A previous ask (sorry it took so long!) 

After Jacob showed Bowman some human music, are there songs that Bowman especially likes? What’s his type of music? Or favorite song? Is it “here comes the sun”?

Wood sprites, at least, have a couple instruments they prefer. They can make a sort of tambourine out of leaves wrapped around thin sticks, with seeds to add a rattling effect (or they could go simple and just make a drum). They can also make grass whistles and simple flutes, if they feel like praying them into shape; it’s delicate work to make a flute and not every sprite has the patience (Bowman, for example, has No Chill whatsoever).

With those instruments in mind, folk music would probably suit them the best. It’s also unusual for Wellwood sprites to have any lyrics to their music – they make up the songs as they go, and usually it just includes humming or plain vocalizing to mimic the wordless sounds of the woods around them.

Bowman is bemused by the lyrics and by the sounds of human music. A lot of it is made with instruments no one’s ever tried in Wellwood, or at least hasn’t in a long time. Stringed instruments would be his favorite “human music”, though Jacob probably didn’t try to explain to him how varied the sound of those can be. The sound of a plucked cello or violin are very pleasing to his ears. The guitar in Here Comes the Sun would be pretty fun for him, while the lyrics would bemuse him as much as any others.

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