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Ok weird question here, if the boys (Sam, Dean, Jacob, and Bowman) were made to live through and help each other face their worst fear, what would each fear be and how would the others react/help (this would be the absolute worst fear beyond what was already experienced in Jacob in Wonderland.) I was rewatching the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where they had to experience everyone’s worst nightmare, but nothing that happened was permanent at the end of the day and it made me curious.

  • Sam’s worst fear: Clowns

No matter what size Sam is, his honest-to-God worst fear will always be CLOWNS. He freezes up when he sees them, gets stuck in his head, and certainly isn’t going to like them anymore when he’s only a few inches tall!

(Hint: Do not take Sam to see the new IT movie)

Dean might screw up and tease Sam about it before realizing how serious it still bothers him. Sam might not even come out of the pocket he’s in if they’re around clowns or clown-like objects. 

  • Dean’s worst fear: Heights

Unlike Sam, Dean is often forced to confront his fear of heights head-on when he’s cursed. He’s only 3.8 inches tall, everything is high! Including his friends/brother! 

Dangling him is a terrible way to tease him, he’ll absolutely freak out and panic, and until he’s adjusted to spending time around giants, he’s leery of how high up a shoulder perch is. Don’t be surprised if you find him plastered to someone’s neck or completely hidden in a collar so he can’t look out. Pockets are welcome.

  • Bowman’s worst fear: Losing his wings

Bowman’s wings are his pride and joy. He’s worked so hard to build his skill and talent with flying, and it’s his ultimate catharsis. There’s almost no bad feeling that can’t be cured by going for a flight. If he lost that, he’d be stuck on the ground, looking up and remembering what he used to have. He’s fussy and meticulous about wing care so this doesn’t happen.

  • Jacob’s worst fear: Forgetting his dad

Jacob is aware that time is healing his grief, and he’s moved on and become the zen guy he is today after the death of his father (he was 8 at the time). However, he wants to keep honoring the man he was, and remembering him is part of that. Jacob is terrified of losing those memories, either by them becoming to hazy over time or by losing sight of himself. His dad inspired much of his current personality.

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