As stated in the notes of the story, Brothers Found came about directly after A Lich of Sense was completed, when we were bouncing around story ideas and doing ‘mini-rps’ in Skype that we’d just randomly scrap and start anew.

When this one began to take form more than the others, and gave birth to the idea of the horror story, instead of scrapping it, redoing probably over a hundred thousand words and losing all momentum for the horror story, we simply moved the rp from Skype to google docs for editing, and cleaned it up.

(That was! A lot of hard work! Don’t use Skype for rps!)

Brothers Found = Brothers Apart if Jacob came into it first. No more, no less. Until we stumbled over the idea for the horror story and the story grew into its own. And remember– this AU was the first we created and you have these stories to thank for all the others that came after.

So enjoy the nuggets. We never promised this was anything else.

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