Family Ties

(Story 2 of the Brothers Adopted series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

It’s been three years since Jacob Andris found himself cursed to live at barely a twentieth of his height, and his adopted brother Sam Winchester has finally decided it’s time for his first trip to the rooms without Walt Watch’s supervision. How will Jacob’s supply run go when it’s just him and Sam?

Characters: Jacob Andris, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Walt Watch, Mallory Watch, Mariana Andris, Mike Ellison

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Artwork by @mogadeer!

The Ties That Bind

(Story 13 of the Brothers Apart series)

A call in the middle of the night summons Sam and Dean back to Sam’s old home, Trails West. What is stalking their family in the motel, and what lengths will Dean have to go to in order to stop it?

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Gordon Walker, Walt Watch, Briella Watch, Kara Bolt, Christian Bolt, Mikael Foyer, Krissy Vent, Sean

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Artwork by @ghostquack!

Can we have more Bobby and his ‘neighbors’? Like him getting seeds that they take care of, its not helping if he just gives them the resources for their own food…


He certainly does his best to not interfere with their lives out in the field (and now in his house, at least in Brothers Apart). Part of that is he’s more lax about locking up possibly useful supplies or clearing all the food. Rumsfeld always keeps a sharp lookout for any actual threats, human or animal. All they really need to worry about is other hunters that work with Bobby prowling around when he’s not looking.

Walt and Sean


My entry for the 2018 Brothers Apart tumblr contest. I wanted to write something with @nightmares06‘s Walt Watch, since he’s one of my favorites and he recently had some huge character development in the latest story of the Brothers Apart AU. This is set sometime in the weeks/months after the first story, after Sam has left with Dean under the assumption that Walt didn’t survive the events of that story.

Hope you enjoy it! Reading time approx. 10 minutes.

Walt knew something was wrong before he had time to fully wake up. Something like a heavy weight settled over his heart and he sighed without opening his eyes. Life had thrown him too many strange new things in so many months. Sometimes he wondered if he would ever have some semblance of what he had before.

Before Mallory … before Bree … his family had been fragmented, time and time again. What had he done for fate to lay its hands on him like that not once, but twice? He didn’t even know what had become of Sam.

That boy … Walt had known what he was, and hadn’t cared. In his old life, he was as much a danger to Walt as any other human.

Seeing that little face, full of fear he tried to hide, had decided for him. He and Mallory had been no match for those plaintive hazel eyes, full of tears the boy didn’t want to release. Walt still remembered the mumbled excuses about chick-flick moments. He didn’t even know what that meant and he could tell Sam’s heart wasn’t in the words.

The boy had lost his family. Just like Walt and Mallory had lost their baby girl not a year before. They might not understand everything Sam lost, but they understood that. There was no turning him away.

And now he was gone. Mallory was gone. Walt was alone, if not for–

“Walt?” Krissy’s voice was cautious and quiet, but Walt had known the girl long enough to recognize something else in it. Worry. His pale blue eyes opened at last to take in the concerned shadows on her face.

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October 18th excerpt:

Jacob reached out to close the phone with a click of plastic against plastic. He pondered the conversation, finding even more questions in it that he could ask. Who’s Walt came to mind, but he knew better. Sam had hardly talked about any of the other people in his life; Jacob wasn’t going to ask him about someone unless Sam started that conversation.

It was weird. Sam was the same size as Bowman, but the similarities stopped there. With Bowman, it was hard to get a word in sometimes.

With Sam, awkward silences could pop up out of nowhere. He was an enigmatic little guy.

Bittersweet Parting

You guessed it, and the sneak peek is here! Welcome to what will become the last story in season two of Brothers Apart!

Dean stepped up to the door, one huge hand raising up to knock. The hollow sound reverberated around Walt, more powerful than he could manage if he hit the door with all his might.

The sound died off, leaving them alone with the crickets chirping in the grass and Rumsfeld whining from by Dean’s side. The Rottweiler wagged his tail when Walt peered off the edge, prancing in place at the sight of the smaller people sitting up on Dean’s shoulder.

A distant “Come in!” made its way to where they stood, and Sam and Dean both frowned in unison, a silent look passing between them.

“What is it?” Walt asked warily, disliking the way the air filled with tension.

“Might be nothing,” Dean muttered, his voice staying low for them.

“Might be something,” Sam interjected, one hand tight on Dean’s collar while the other rested against his brother’s neck. “Bobby always answers the door. He doesn’t trust people in his house.”

“With good reason.”

By some silent accord the brothers had, Dean pushed open the door and Sam hunkered down, pulling Walt down with him.

For a man who stood near nineteen times Walt’s height, Dean’s footsteps were light and carefully placed to avoid the creak of wood. He knew this house close to as well as he knew the Impala, using that knowledge to stalk towards where the voice had come from.

Dean reached the doorway, and went rigid before Walt could see what he was looking at.

Sam gasped, his hands falling away from Dean and Walt. Walt felt his body fill with tension all over again at the sight of the men in the room.

“Boys,” John Winchester greeted, sitting across the desk from where Bobby sat.

All surprise and shock aside, everyone heard Walt’s voice suddenly cut across the thick silence that padded John’s greeting.

“It’s you,” Walt breathed, his eyes locked on Bobby Singer.

The time for questions to be answered has come! Don’t miss Bittersweet Parting!

You two are one letter off from the title, so you win a sneak peek for all! This story is titled Wayward Sons, and sometimes wayward sons have to return home to the family they left behind.

XD This is one of those titles that makes everyone facepalm and go “Of course!” if they’ve watched the show. 

“Of course I know where we are!” Dean interrupted. “It hasn’t been that long since we were around…”

Up ahead, what looked like twelve feet away but must only be seven inches, there was an end to the path. Part of the wall shifted, then moved aside under the control of someone inside. A block was substituted for a door.

Dean, who was paying more attention to Sam behind him than the path in front in order to keep bickering, pulled to a halt when he heard someone clear their throat. Sam almost ran right into his brother, caught off guard by the suddenness of the gesture.

Blue eyes like steel stared out at them.

“Boys,” Walt Watch greeted, his arms crossed and his face stern.

While everyone was staring at each other in the shock that came from a long time spent apart, a small ball of energy pushed right past Walt. Mallory, her long blonde hair a mess and bouncing in loose curls behind her back, flew out from the small home. “Dean?! Sam!”

Walt didn’t have a chance to catch her before she barreled right into Dean with a sob, pulling the much taller man into a hug. There was no resisting her, and she did the same with Sam, small tears peeking out the corner of her eyes. “Oh, thank God,” she breathed as she pulled out of Sam’s arms to get a good look at both of them. “We thought you were dead or worse.”

“Never bett–”

Dean’s declaration was cut off with a loud slap that sounded like it could be heard from one end of the motel to the other. Shocked, Dean stumbled back, tenderly holding his cheek.

Mallory’s tears were overflowing. “How could you leave us like that?” she demanded tearfully.


Artwork by aibyou

Bree was very into exploration before she was taken– in fact, the poor dear was doing just that when she got caught!

If she’d never been taken away, she would have pushed the boundaries more and more as she grew older, bringing her friend Krissy, willing or not, along with her as she went. She’s the type that would be more likely to strike out after she grew up and find her own place to live, perhaps bringing a family with her or finding new people on her own.

Krissy at least had that less familial feel to her when they grew up together, and Sam always looked out for the girl, helping her get supplies to support her family. She’s very introverted, and never went out to the rooms on her own, a big reason Walt chose to move in with her and her mother and little brother after losing his Mallory and assuming Sam was dead.

Based on how my husband ended up (with three sisters and his mother) compared to other friends of ours, Sam would be inured to subjects like that, used to it as a part of life.

Wings of Freedom


AU: Brothers Apart

Timeline: During the Winchesters three month stay at Trails West after Taken

Bree gasped as she saw a large, blue-winged butterfly swoop down from the edge of the roof she was sitting under next to Sam. Its beautiful, iridescent wings caught the last beams of sunlight, shimmering a radiant color she hadn’t seen before.

Sam laughed, holding out his good arm. The butterfly was not bothered by the two small people standing there, and alighted on his arm, antennae brushing against his hair and tickling at his face. Sam turned towards Bree. “Have you seen one before?” he asked, his eyes glowing.

She nodded, her eyes wide. “But only from the window in Beth’s room,” she confided in Sam.

“Here,” he said, clasping her hand. The butterfly curiously walked over his jacket, its delicate feet picking at the fabric. “But don’t touch the wings,” he warned, looking at the scales. “They’re very delicate, and you could rub the scales off.”

Her mouth was open in awe as the delicate creature made its way up to her shoulder, brushing at her golden blonde locks as it examined her. The beautiful wings opened and closed slowly a few times, and then the delicate feet pushed off.

She and Sam watched the butterfly flap a few times, quickly circling around them before veering back into the sky, resuming its search for flowers. The two small people under the overhang were calm and the girl was colorful, but they had no sustenance to offer, and so the butterfly’s journey was not over.