Character Profile: Mallory Watch


Name: Mallory Watch

Age: 43

Height: 4′9″ || 3″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Gender: Female

Known Abilities: An adept seamstress who makes all the clothing for her family, and took the time to teach their neighbor Krissy how to sew just as well. She would have done this with her daughter Bree, but Bree was taken away before she was able to pick up the necessary skill.

Mallory is also quite good at getting her boys to get along, and has steamrolled right over Walt in the past when he grows intransigent. Don’t underestimate her just because she’s 3 inches tall.

Background: Mallory has been with Walt since she was a teenager, and had a child with him, Briella Watch. They’ve stayed in the Trails West motel for years, and lived in the bed and breakfast that it was before renovations. She may have passed away in Brothers Apart, but she is forever remembered by the children she raised and the husband she left behind.

Be careful. For me. Remember, just because he’s your brother doesn’t stop him from being dangerous, even just by accident.”

Artwork by @ghostquack

Character Profile: Briella Watch


Name: Briella (Bree) Watch

Age: 23

Height: 5′4″ || 3.37″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Gender: Female

Known Abilities: Quiet when among her own people, she’s imprinted on humans more than others are comfortable with. She still retains some of her climbing skills, but they’ve waned since she lived free.

Background: Bree was a carefree spirit, wanting to live up to her father’s skills at slipping in and out of motel rooms. Because of this, she was caught by a human family and given to their daughter, Beth, as a pet. Walt was forced to watch his baby girl be torn from his life with no way of stopping it.

Bree was even taken from Beth when her family was overcome with greed, agreeing to sell the tiny girl off to Mina Chandler with the others they’ve caught.

Quote: It’s all so different from here… it looks so… small.

Artwork by @mogadeer

Character Profile: Walt Watch


Name: Walt Watch

Age: 44

Height: 6′1″ || 3.8″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Walt is lean and spry, a fast climber (though he can’t keep up with Sam at his best), and ready to fight. He is the one that teaches Sam and Dean how to take on rats at their size, assisted by his handy exacto razor he found in a motel room years back.

Walt is a tanner, able to work the pelt of any rats he kills into various objects, including but not limited to satchels, jackets and boots. 

Most of the passages and entrances in and out of the walls of the Trails West were designed by Walt. He lived in the building before it was turned into a motel, and took the time to guarantee access for all the others of his size living there.

Despite his stern appearance, he is very good with children, often acting as a surrogate father to those who lost their families– Sam, Dean, Krissy and Sean all owe him their lives.

Background: Walt is one of the littles who has lived at the Trails West for the longest. So long that he remembers the days it was a bed and breakfast on the side of the road and remembers the hunters that nearly captured everyone there. Thanks to help from a certain Bobby Singer, nothing came from that. 

Walt has been with the love of his life, Mallory Watch, since he was 18, and with her he raised a daughter, Briella Watch.

Though they lived for years in peace, it didn’t last. Bree was captured by humans when she was still a kid, and taken away from her family. Since then, Walt took in any estranged child as his own and helped raise them, doing his best to make sure the children had the best chance at survival. He doesn’t even flinch from raising cursed humans as his own, and has allowed actual humans into his family, like Dean Winchester after the hunter rescued Bree from her captors and brought the lost daughter home.


Artwork by @mogadeer

It has not been revealed yet 😉

In fact, Sean’s knack is heavily touched upon in an upcoming story in the Brothers Apart series, and will be revealed then. We will learn a lot more about the littles of Trails West, and their resident cursed human when trouble comes knocking at their door.

November 12th excerpt:

“Dean? It’s Walt.”

Dean’s voice cut out mid-complaint, quieting to listen to the soft voice that was trying to talk over his. Walt was thankful for that. He’d worried that the hunter would drown him out without even noticing his attempt. That would make for an awkward phone call. Trying to shout down a human wouldn’t go far considering how much louder his voice was naturally.

Walt? ” The word was noticeably warmer than the complaints from before as the lazy drawl curled around it. “I’d say it’s good to hear from ya, but I have a feeling it’s really not.

September 30th excerpt:

Sam paused in the middle of scrubbing the water off his face with a corner of the flannel shirt they’d slept on. He listened to the room beyond, separating the sounds out just like Walt had taught him to. Although, in all those lessons he’d never imagined he’d be using them to tell him if his brother was awake.

The room was silent, and peaceful. There was no running water in the bathroom beyond and only the gentle chirps of birds outside broke the quiet. After a moment he could even discern the slow breathing of the hunter, blending in to the outside noises.

“He’s asleep,” Sam said. “But he’ll probably wake up in no time. He shoulda shut the drapes better last night. There’s no way he’ll be able to stay asleep in a bright room like this.”

Dean would be thrilled for the chance– especially since he wanted to meet Sam’s old friend, Krissy. He always feels like the odd one out, no matter how many times Kara gets caught trying to sneak to his room. He could finally give her an actual piggyback ride, and she’d be so thrilled. Walt would discover he’s actually the same height as Dean, incredibly unexpected! And they could all have a good meal from what Sam and Dean bring them. They can’t argue they’re taking what a human offers when he’s their size, too.

September 9th excerpt:

“You’re just as welcome to come visit as the others are,” Mallory said warmly, ignoring the eyebrow Walt arched at that. Before her mind caught up with the action, she’d raised her arms up for a hug, just like she’d done with everyone else.

Jacob’s expression was akin to a deer caught in headlights. His eyes were focused on the minuscule woman at the edge of the nightstand, arms outstretched. She was barely three inches tall, making her smaller than Jacob’s fingers, and she looked extra small standing near an alarm clock and a TV remote that both dwarfed her.

And she was expecting a hug. 

Oh. Crap.