Bittersweet Parting

You guessed it, and the sneak peek is here! Welcome to what will become the last story in season two of Brothers Apart!

Dean stepped up to the door, one huge hand raising up to knock. The hollow sound reverberated around Walt, more powerful than he could manage if he hit the door with all his might.

The sound died off, leaving them alone with the crickets chirping in the grass and Rumsfeld whining from by Dean’s side. The Rottweiler wagged his tail when Walt peered off the edge, prancing in place at the sight of the smaller people sitting up on Dean’s shoulder.

A distant “Come in!” made its way to where they stood, and Sam and Dean both frowned in unison, a silent look passing between them.

“What is it?” Walt asked warily, disliking the way the air filled with tension.

“Might be nothing,” Dean muttered, his voice staying low for them.

“Might be something,” Sam interjected, one hand tight on Dean’s collar while the other rested against his brother’s neck. “Bobby always answers the door. He doesn’t trust people in his house.”

“With good reason.”

By some silent accord the brothers had, Dean pushed open the door and Sam hunkered down, pulling Walt down with him.

For a man who stood near nineteen times Walt’s height, Dean’s footsteps were light and carefully placed to avoid the creak of wood. He knew this house close to as well as he knew the Impala, using that knowledge to stalk towards where the voice had come from.

Dean reached the doorway, and went rigid before Walt could see what he was looking at.

Sam gasped, his hands falling away from Dean and Walt. Walt felt his body fill with tension all over again at the sight of the men in the room.

“Boys,” John Winchester greeted, sitting across the desk from where Bobby sat.

All surprise and shock aside, everyone heard Walt’s voice suddenly cut across the thick silence that padded John’s greeting.

“It’s you,” Walt breathed, his eyes locked on Bobby Singer.

The time for questions to be answered has come! Don’t miss Bittersweet Parting!

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