There’s No Place Like Home sneak peek

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The newly-minted team of hunters runs into some downtime between cases. Sam and Dean Winchester, cursed to live at a fraction of their original height, agree to a new trip with Jacob; this time on the road home to reassure his mom he’s still alive and kicking.

An uninvited guest throws this family reunion into a mess, and suddenly Jacob’s left alone to piece together what happened…

Bobby Loran quirked an eyebrow at the monstrous car parked outside of Jacob’s house. The black and chrome classic sparked envy in him, and he found himself wondering who was driving that around. He doubted it was Jacob’s stepdad, and his mom probably never would.

It was equally hard to believe that Jacob would end up with such a nice car, considering the less than glamorous line of work he’d taken up.

Not that Bobby would judge his old friend for it. Jacob had never been afraid of hard work. Bobby hadn’t had a chance to hang out with Jacob in a long time, but as soon as he heard the big guy was back in town, he paid the little house a visit. The tiny front lawn was immaculate as always, showing off Mariana’s care for the landscaping. Despite having a smaller home, she took the advice from magazines to heart.

Bobby traipsed up the lawn to knock on the door, glad to be in the shade of the house after the walk there. There was a shuffling of shoes on hardwood floors before the door opened and Mariana answered. Bobby offered her a smile; anyone who knew Jacob knew that his mother was one of the sweetest people on the planet.

“Hey, Mrs. Andris,” he greeted her. “I hear Jacob’s back in town?”

She bobbed her head and her curls bounced with the motion. “You hear right, Bobby, but our timing’s off. I sent him into the city with my car to run some errands for me. You’re welcome to come inside and wait for him, though; I doubt he’ll be gone too much longer.”

“Thank you, ma’am, I might just do that,” he replied, stepping into the house.

“Good to see you again, hon,” Mariana said, closing the door before opening her arms for a hug. 

Bobby chuckled and let the petite woman embrace him. “Yeah,” he replied.

Once Mariana took her leave to return to whatever she’d been bustling about doing (she always had a project going on when she wasn’t at one of her jobs), Bobby trudged up the stairs, tired footsteps landing a little heavier than might usually happen. He’d visited enough times to know exactly where Jacob’s room was, and he didn’t even look up from the phone he’d retrieved from his pocket to check for texts until he’d already thrown the door open and walked in.

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A chance meeting between Dragon!Dean and Giant!Jacob

Poor Dean thought he was pretty big and strong at 51 feet tall… till
he met a 122 ft tall teenager in the woods that’s big enough to carry
him around like a pampered pet!
Good thing Jacob is pretty mellow
about meeting a mythical fire breathing beast in the woods. He’s pretty
new to the Supernatural, and he suspects that hanging out with his own
Sam and Dean he’ll see a bit more.

Dragon!Dean grows to 51 feet in his own story, my first fanfic
Dragon!Dean is still scared of heights
and Giant!Jacob is from Bigfoots A Hoax
from @neonthewrite and @nightmares06

Shy Titans uwu

@nightmarejasmine !!!

From the ask on this post, the size difference between dragon Dean and the giant Jacob from Bigfoot’s a Hoax!

November 30th excerpt:

The entrance to Sam’s panic room remained intact and hidden, and it was Dean’s first place he wanted to check over. It needed to remain secured to the bottom of the underbelly while staying hidden, or it would lose its effectiveness.

Poking a finger in the entrance to make sure it was clear of any obstructions, Dean resolved to bug Sam later on to double check that no animals were roosting within. It would be a quick day’s work to pull off the tunnel and chase any birds or mice into the fields, and take care of any possible spiders.

With a grunt, Dean wiped down the outside of the pipe.

When I read that Sam needed a compass to figure out where north was, during or shortly after the setting sun my brain went “How the hell they can’t tell where north is!?”, only to be followed by the saying “They really lost their north”. Well played chapter title, well played ~Sassy

Lol, thanks!

As for Sam, they were pretty disoriented after Jacob put the Impala down after carrying them through the forest, and after their time hunting a wendigo Sam’s been working on improving their methods of surviving in the forest.

Great trackers, bad navigators. But Dean always has his M&Ms.


So I know that you posted a sneak peek a week or so ago where Dean was able to be Sam’s size for a little bit (I’m assuming from the BA AU). I was wondering if there was going to be another human around so he could get the full Little experience. (I was thinking Jacob or Bobby! Especially because Sam could show him around the walls and his room at Bobby’s.)

(I believe the sneak peek we’re talking about is this one, if anyone missed it)

The story involved is certainly a convoluted one, but fear not! There will be interactions with regular-sized people for our poor smol Dean! There’s just too much material for our poor hunters, so size shenanigans will be happening to them (in multiple AUs…)

Take a peek at this teeny bit from where Dean gets a glance at some of Sam’s normal world!

For a moment, the importance of Jacob opening his car didn’t occur to Dean. Then, he remembered what he had in his pocket and he gave Sam and Jacob a flat look, pulling out his keys. 

 “Really?” Dean asked as he jingled them. “You… broke… into… my car.”

Sam affected an innocent look. “It’s my car, too!” he said, his hands up in surrender. “I just… got Jacob in using the panic room. And you’re the one that taught me how to hotwire!”

“I didn’t mean hotwire the Impala!

Adventures at Bobby’s

(Story 9 of the Brothers Apart series)

Sam is healed and the sprites are stopped. But not everything is back to normal in the life of the Winchesters. They have things to figure out and an Impala to fix before they can get back to hunting.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Rumsfeld, Arthur Harbor, Alyssa Harbor

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Artwork by @homeiswheretheheartsare!

If we take your two guesses we can splice together the title of the next fic in Brothers Unexpected! A Place for Oz (which happens to be Dean’s pocket more often than not XD), continues on the adventure for the smolest kiddo with his irascible giant and his even-more irascible father!

Suddenly all of Oscar’s questions for Dean were far from his mind. The current situation held his focus.

He was in a car.

All his life, creeping through the dark vents and spaces between motel room walls, Oscar had never imagined what it’d be like. He could actually feel the motion, faint vibrations as the car hurtled along far faster than he could fathom. Even the turns didn’t slow down enough for him to keep up. The sounds and the feelings rattled his miniscule body and Oscar was stuck between fascinated and scared.

He kept a corner of his cloth pinched in his fingers, rubbing the worn threads with a thumb. Oscar was very good at staying hidden, and if Dean didn’t know he was there, he might not even notice the tiny weight in his pocket. No one looking at the teen would see more than a fold in the fabric. Oscar took a slow breath in, and then let it all out in a huff. He was safe, and he just needed to remind his nerves of the fact.

After some time curled up in his blanket with little change from the outside of the pocket, he shifted at last. Curiosity crept in and nagged at him. This was the first time he’d really left home, and he was missing it. That thought enabled him to let go of his blanket and push it to the corner of the pocket while he grasped at the flannel weave instead.

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What if John got cursed instead?

John Winchester?

If something happened to John and they found him, the first thing they’d do is seek out help from one of the family friends. Bobby or Pastor Jim would know what to do!

Dean doesn’t have a driver’s license since he’s only 14, but he definitely knows how to drive the car (and knowing his dad, he might even have a fake ID of his own just in case he needs to pass as old enough to drive). They’ll get John there and get help.

Both kids freaking out the entire way. This is not what they expected to have to deal with.

It’s probably a lot easier to put up with John’s scolding when he’s itty bitty at least.

February 25th excerpt:

As Dean settled in, Stan was tempted to simply find himself a seat and stay where he was put like he always did. But another  part of him heard a call in the open space of the car, particularly in the dim chasm into which Dean’s legs vanished over the edge of the seat. Stan’s knowledge of cars was extremely limited, but he got the impression from watching Dean drive a few times that something down there helped him operate the immense machine. And anyway, Dean had encouraged Stan to ‘check the place out’…

Curiosity won out in the end, and so with tentative steps, Stan wandered toward the end of the bench, craning his neck to peer into the space. He wasn’t sure what he expected to find down there, but the dark unknown taunted something in the back of Stan’s mind, something he usually ignored.