So I know that you posted a sneak peek a week or so ago where Dean was able to be Sam’s size for a little bit (I’m assuming from the BA AU). I was wondering if there was going to be another human around so he could get the full Little experience. (I was thinking Jacob or Bobby! Especially because Sam could show him around the walls and his room at Bobby’s.)

(I believe the sneak peek we’re talking about is this one, if anyone missed it)

The story involved is certainly a convoluted one, but fear not! There will be interactions with regular-sized people for our poor smol Dean! There’s just too much material for our poor hunters, so size shenanigans will be happening to them (in multiple AUs…)

Take a peek at this teeny bit from where Dean gets a glance at some of Sam’s normal world!

For a moment, the importance of Jacob opening his car didn’t occur to Dean. Then, he remembered what he had in his pocket and he gave Sam and Jacob a flat look, pulling out his keys. 

 “Really?” Dean asked as he jingled them. “You… broke… into… my car.”

Sam affected an innocent look. “It’s my car, too!” he said, his hands up in surrender. “I just… got Jacob in using the panic room. And you’re the one that taught me how to hotwire!”

“I didn’t mean hotwire the Impala!

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