September 26th excerpt:

Not wanting to overwhelm Dean, Nate decided to skip over a few of the more intense details of the house. The hidden armory, the panic room basement, the hidden room designed to trap potential intruders. There was no need to freak Dean out any more when Stan had already done a fine enough job of that on his own.

So I know that you posted a sneak peek a week or so ago where Dean was able to be Sam’s size for a little bit (I’m assuming from the BA AU). I was wondering if there was going to be another human around so he could get the full Little experience. (I was thinking Jacob or Bobby! Especially because Sam could show him around the walls and his room at Bobby’s.)

(I believe the sneak peek we’re talking about is this one, if anyone missed it)

The story involved is certainly a convoluted one, but fear not! There will be interactions with regular-sized people for our poor smol Dean! There’s just too much material for our poor hunters, so size shenanigans will be happening to them (in multiple AUs…)

Take a peek at this teeny bit from where Dean gets a glance at some of Sam’s normal world!

For a moment, the importance of Jacob opening his car didn’t occur to Dean. Then, he remembered what he had in his pocket and he gave Sam and Jacob a flat look, pulling out his keys. 

 “Really?” Dean asked as he jingled them. “You… broke… into… my car.”

Sam affected an innocent look. “It’s my car, too!” he said, his hands up in surrender. “I just… got Jacob in using the panic room. And you’re the one that taught me how to hotwire!”

“I didn’t mean hotwire the Impala!

October 9th excerpt:

Despite knowing it was rude to stare, Jacob kept his eyes on Sam’s progress until the small form disappeared into the opening. Once he was out of sight, it was like he’d never been there. Jacob pushed himself up and brushed off his hands, marveling at what he’d just seen. If he were to look under the car again, he would almost miss that little opening.

Cars weren’t supposed to have tiny entrances like that, but it wasn’t the first surprise he’d gotten from the brothers. It wasn’t even the strangest surprise. Jacob returned to his feet and made his way to the driver door, peeking in the windows and wondering if he’d catch sight of Sam walking around in there.

October 7th excerpt:

Sam directed Jacob on where to lower him down, pointing out the ground directly next to the rear driver’s side tire. That would put him closest to his panic room entrance and shorten the journey.

From down on the ground next to the tire, Sam saw a rare perspective of the Impala– his home. She loomed overhead, all shadows underneath and chrome overhead throwing the sunlight back at Jacob. It could have been an intimidating scene, the ceiling over Sam’s head a confusing landscape of car parts that only Dean knew how to navigate, but instead Sam felt safe here. The Impala was as much his as it was Dean’s, as Dean would insist whenever he was working on her.

Sam turned back to Jacob. “I’m going to open the door on the driver’s side to let you in, okay?” he said seriously. “It’ll be a few minutes, but I’ll get there.”